source: unfair gaming
source: unfair gaming

She looked across the shiny checked floor, for the single path, she had been told was there. Each one of the candidates had one chance and only one chance to choose the correct path, proving that they were observant, logical and detail oriented. So far each had taken one first step and been eliminated. The floor was complicated with colors and symbols each making patterns within patterns. She saw no single path across, unless you counted the narrow white border on the outside. She decided that was the best choice and took her first step.



  1. I must admit I am envious of your ability to write stuff like this… it is sooooo cool! Either that or you’re just trying to challenge my ability to find appropriate illustrations!


      1. You could keep writing it! Maybe even in seven sentence increments! ahahhaa! Hey did you get my chicken note? I totally messed up… six left , six came back… didnt realize that… oh well…I hope I didnt inconvenience you … :/


  2. I could keep writing it but I have reservations. Yes, I got the chicken note. There was no inconvenience. But I do think that his summer rooster was your winter rooster.


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