unnamed (41) Doug of course

I went to the Norman Rockwell Museum today…I took it for granted that people would know who he was but found out they don’t necessarily…He was an American Painter from the Berkshires of Massachusetts. He painted things like this…download Some people are not fond of his stuff …  I wasn’t actually at all until I went and saw the paintings in person. You have to respect his talent. BUT… I went to see an exhibit of Roz Chast who is a cartoonist for the New Yorker Magazine. I treated myself and bought this as a reward for a week of hitting my ” Unsticking” goals.unnamed (18) It’s about anxiety and the things that make people panic from A to Z. It’s very funny.

The painting of the officer and the runaway kiddo is from a photo taken at a local diner. People come from all over to eat there. It’ s a diner, but of course, yes… I have been there.

I spoke to Lizzi  and Josie today which is always a treat.

I am happy to live in a place that has quaint things like Joe’s Diner (above) and that the general store still has the cash register from when they opened in the 1890s. unnamed (16) unnamed (17)and it goes without saying it’s a super cool store. That sign on the gumballs is 1cent. ( HEY there isnt a cent sign any longer on keyboards…) ahahaha.unnamed (9) The new shoes are paying off. The pain in my feet has reduced to a very dull roar… and athletic taping has taken some of that credit as well. I am so thankful for a background in PT so I can treat myself some and do the proper exercises that are so totally paying off. I was able to raise up on toes  today. I have to hold on to a counter but I did it . I wasn’t able to do that for weeks. That said I was able to take a short walk today without cane or assist dog… just Doug who could use his own guide dog these days. unnamed (19) My kitchen table is still cleaned off. I don’t think I got overly optomistic and tried really hard to stay realistic with my ability to keep things in their places. You know, when you get totally unrealistic during cleaning ?unnamed (15)  I’m really grateful for the understanding of friends when making plans … surprisingly people who hardly know me are far more able to accept my limitations of endurance etc. I guess it’s because you have no background of knowing me another way, either way it is appreciated … thanks Kristi and Clark… I’m also  going back to work tomorrow and yesterday I wasn’t okay with it, but today I am. I am finding my way to the next step of the “Unsticking Project.” Have a good week.


12 thoughts on “IT’S A LATE TToT

  1. Glad you’ve been out an about, and that your feet “stood the test.” So to speak.
    And about gum balls being 1¢; we done’t even use pennies in Canada any more — we work by 5¢ increments. Story is that it cost more than one cent to make a penny these days, and people were melting them down for the value of the metal. I wonder; would Doug ever try that?
    Hope that things go well when you go back to work, and that your “UNSTICKING” process moves ahead creatively.
    Blessings and Bear hugs!


  2. I’ve noticed the lack of the ¢ sign on the keyboard, too. I had to google the alt code in order to make it. While holding down the alt button, type in 0162.

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  3. That general store looks like a neat place. I feel the bubbling up of inspiration and happiness about to get flowing in your unsticking.


  4. I wish my table would stay clear like that! Currently I have a set of truck rims sitting on mine because there is nowhere else to put them until they go on the Duck Dynasty truck.


  5. Hi, glad you were able to get around for a quick walk. 😉 I love the shoes too. I had a pair, but they got old. Trying to keep from buying another pair and walking with a cane too.


  6. Congrats to sticking to your goal, you definitely deserve a reward for that! My reward for tossing some stuff was having a friend dump a whole bunch of clothes on me because she’s purging before her move. I swear, all clothes that don’t fit won’t take roots in our home!!!

    Enjoy your week, Ivy and Doug!

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  7. Awwwh I’m so glad things are looking up for you in the foot department, and SO VERY THANKFUL for you in my phone! You’ve been an absolute angel this week, and I’ve so very appreciated all your input and support and suggestions and research 🙂 Thank you ❤


  8. You got to TALK to Lizzi and Josie? How does THAT happen??? I am clearly way too far out of the loop this last month…sigh.
    I’m glad the unsticking is going well and I love that you got yourself a present – awesome. I find it disappointing to know that people don’t know who Norman Rockwell is. Seriously?? What is wrong with the world. Honestly…and I Love Lucy, too. Who doesn’t know that??? OK, I’m ranting like a crotchety old woman.
    Anyway, I’m sorry I’m not around lately. I’m struggling with the balance between life here and life on the screen and it’s tough.
    I’m happy to hear about you up on your toes and getting around well. And Doug, too! Hugs to you both. ❤


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