TToT … Insomniac Edition

Four in the morning Crapped out, yawning Longing my life a–way I’ll never worry Why should i?…

Still Crazy After All These Years, Paul Simon

Well, okay, maybe it’s just the dog whose a crazy idiot, but he’s driving me there for sure. Actually, progress report is that Doug, while a bit less sleepy (It’s about 4:15 AM now and we just got in from a walk) is doing better in the cognitive department. He DID try to go outside via the bookcase just now, but really that’s minimal when you consider he is no longer staring aimlessly at- or licking- the walls. So yeah, we’ll take it! Im grateful for so many things in Doug’s recovery. The best vet in the world- she texts at least twice a week to find out how he’s doing. I am also grateful that with her and a bit of research we found a prescription food for old, demented doggies, that we can mix in with his usual stuff. I am grateful for selegaline which when used in people with Alzheimer’s disease will help to slow the progression, but doesn’t seem to improve cognitive status. In dogs (well at least in this one) it appears to help a bit more.  unnamed (21) Here’s Doug trying to dig a hole in the sofa (nesting?). Which brings me to number something or other in the list … notice the table in the background is still clear! I am happy that I didn’t go all unrealistic with a standard that I won’t be able to keep up. I know it’s only week two of clean table, clean closet, and I will most certainly accumulate things on the table top,  but not today.

SO … IVY, you ask… “What is happening with the “Great Unsticking of 2015”? Well, thank you for your interest and I’m so glad you asked. We are getting to the part of the Unsticking that makes me uncomfortable. I don’t like to talk about certain things that may be too personal to me. Rest assured I’m working on it.

I have spoken some about my health issues here so I will say that I met with my favorite specialist this week to gain some clarity. He is point-blank ruthless with the truth, which is why I love him. He is able to say he doesn’t know instead of speculating and getting me either uptight or falsely hopeful. He lacks some social finesse, but he is honest and open-minded enough to come along when I ask him to step with me outside of the proverbial box. He was able to straighten some things out for better and some for worse. He is going to think about another question I had, and believe it or not he will think about it and get back to me. Long and short is (if I can keep my acute situation under control), I need a plan for the immediate future, or my not so distant future is going to be quite disabled. Bottom line is we have the first two steps in the works… some tests and a consult with another specialist I have worked with in the past… but we are both trying to figure out how to achieve a third step that I definitely need in order to avoid cataclysm.

As far as the previous steps in the GREAT UNSTICKING goes…  The private practice is underway and I have set a date , I am waiting on my billing person and I have to do a mailing this week. I’m working on a vacation but things keep coming up as to where I need to put my focus and money. I am going though. My goal is to have a plan by the end of this week. My other goal from steps 1-4 are now met except what I’ve mentioned. My next step is a bit unclear, or maybe I’m just not ready, but I need some time on the vacation and my health anyway so it’s all good.

***Other things on the front are:

Things are underway for OPERATION BRIT in Sept. in Ocean City, NJ…meet and greet Lizzi.

I’m really grateful for athletic taping skills which are keeping my foot pain in some check and allowing me some mobility. pt0615sports3 I went back to work this week after my week of purging my house… I have to say I still feel okay. It was very busy, but I still feel like I had time off. You know how that goes… about two hours into being back it hits… that you never really left. Not so this time… all good.


 I am rendezvousing with a mystery person on Sunday and I am very excited about it… far too short, but I will take it.

Made plans with my mother, who is also feeling better since her cardiac and back-breaking (quite literally) episode of two weeks ago.

Thanks again to everyone who is taking to Six Sentence Stories. I’m happy to see it take off. Even if it’s a bit surprising how dark some Pollyanna’s can get (ahem). The talent is very cool…and from places you don’t expect because every one of us is so damned self-effacing. unnamed (11)This is the link to this week’s entries… the link is open until Tuesday if you want to try your hand at it!

I also hit the coffee shopunnamed (22) and made some blueberry cake for work this week…unnamed (23)

Okay, It’s 5 o’clock, and time for me to jump in the shower and get ready for work. Have a great day… Be careful out there…talk to you later.

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32 thoughts on “TToT … Insomniac Edition

  1. Cataclysm would be extremely good to avoid, especially given Operation Brit, and just generally, so yeah PRIORITIES, bird! 😉 *hugs* Well done for making progress on the Big Unstick, and hey, tell the bits you need to when you’re good and ready. Whoever hears it, will (I’m sure) receive it gently.

    As for young Doug – are you sure he’s not the doggy version of Aunt Clara, trying to get outside via the bookcase? Hmmm….

    GOOD LUCK ON SUNDAY hope it goes well 🙂

    And yay for your honest-if-socially-inept doctor 🙂


      1. Really? Were you oop narf? Cos I know they call people ‘bird’ up there…it’s sweet if it’s done as an endearment, and less nice if it’s done in a misogynistic way 🙂


  2. Ah, poor Douglas. Glad you have found some things to help with his wall-licking and insomnia.
    I go to a dermatologist who sounds a lot like your doctor. Lots of people don’t go to him because of his bed-side manner. He is gruff and to the point, but he’s good. I’m going with good and honest over fluffy and kind. Yes, do all that you can do avoid cataclysm. That would be fantastic.
    Glad the foot isn’t in so much pain, thanks to your mad taping skillz.
    A mystery visitor…nice. Enjoy!


  3. I love you Ivy simply for how you love Doug. He has the best Mom in the world:) Hope the ‘scrip food works more wonders.
    As to the great unsticking. Stick with it! (Yes, pun intended, yuck, yuck lol) The glue that holds us in place often is stronger than even the strongest of industrial glues.
    Vacations, I believe, can be wonderful vehicles by which to gain a little perspective especially if you go somewhere. Anywhere away from, and outside of where you live. Distance works wonders:)
    I’m with Christine on the dr. front – I don’t need a bedside manner (‘cuz I can handle the lack thereof, ‘cuz you know, I’m a clark!). I’d rather have someone who knows their medical s*&t.
    Here’s to Ocean City baby!


    1. I can’t wait to see you in person … currently you are no bigger than Tom Thumb in my mind as that is the size I always see you! Its even worse on the phone!!!! Thanks Denise… I try to do my best by my animal buds… Doug is a trooper and deserves all he gets….


  4. Funny, Cobee wakes Sabrina up at 4:30 every morning to go out and then eat. Some mornings it’s 2:30. It would be interesting to learn a how poodle’s internal clock works. Love what Denise said – she loves how you love Doug. Me, too. Good thoughts for health step #3 and I am so excited about meeting you in OC, NJ next month.


  5. …don’t judge Doug’s effort’s too harshly! I seem to have a memory… from back in college or high school days (high school/college days motto, ‘hey! take two! they’re small!’), waking to find myself standing in the bedroom closet (the door out of the bedroom being adjacent to the closet door), feeling my way along the wall, convinced that, even though it was pitch black, I had managed to find the bathroom! Luckily for me (and everyone else in the house…) I realized that the bathroom didn’t normally have luggage stacked up in the corner or winter coats (on those oversized good-clothes-hangers).
    everything worked out fine.
    see you in Oceana


  6. Having never licked a wall, I’m not sure if Doug is crazy or just ahead of the rest of us.
    I’m glad the great unsticking is moving ahead, and I hope you find the answers you seek.
    I’ve always lived in the west, but am a bit jealous that you easterners get a chance to meet Lizzi.
    So, is mystery person the guy from Goodwill who asked you out? 😉
    I hope your mom continues to heal.
    I’m struggling with “reservation.” A-HA! I have reservations about the prompt. . . maybe I’ll come up with 6 sentences after all! We’ll see. I’ve been a bit neglectful of blogging this week.


  7. My dog is more than a little nuts and I often wonder what his old age might bring.
    Sounds like the long awaited visit between you blogging friends this fall will be epic.
    I have had my share of doctors, good and bad. I like the ones able to admit when they aren’t certain of something. With my condition, that isn’t easy to escape.
    Have a good one with the mystery someone.


  8. I’m spraying you with a can of imaginary cooking spray to help with the unsticking, because I don’t like any of the alternatives.
    I want to go to Ocean City!
    Pollyanna is always watching, always thinking….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. At one time I would have found that idea of you watching rather endearing. But after . But after six sentence stories I look at it more as a veiled threat. Hahahahaha?


  9. Aw poor Doug walking into the bookcase 😦 I am so happy you have a great vet, that certainly eases the mind when our favorites are not well.
    You rock doing the six sentences, I love them!
    Here’s too successful unsticking!! 🙂


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