Part Deux: the Mystery Guest

images (1)Early this morning,  I started out on my adventure to meet my mystery visitor.  I was going to have to drive about an hour, so I stopped at the coffee shop along the way.unnamed (24) - Copy While there, I ran into one of the local celebrities that summer in the Berkshires. I thought wouldn’t it be nice to get an autograph for my friend? Although much out of character for me, I decided to ask. Now I know it’s an inconvenience at times to be a household name, but isn’t that part of what you’re going for when you set out to achieve fame? Apparently I was wrong. He threw a fit! I mean a FIT! He started going on about people think it’s okay to just interrupt him wherever he is and expect him to drop everything and sign their stupid piece of paper! Indignantly he went on to say that I looked like someone who wasn’t even considerate enough to HAVE paper with me! I told him if he were willing to wait, that I could run into the toilet and get some from there! To which he went storming out of the establishment much to the chagrin of my friend and owner of the shop.

I was now running late and had to get a move on if I was going to meet my friend on time. So I jumped in my car,98612cd944f3d5881b72d3145ae63544d083583b and while backing out didn’t notice Mr. Celeb behind my vehicle where he had to leap out of the way to avoid being hit. Unfortunately it had rained pretty heavily last night and the pothole that he tripped and landed in was full of pretty murky water. I hadn’t actually hit him and he was getting up screaming at me, so I decided to high-tail  it out of there.

Which was probably a mistake because about half way down the highway was when I realized the sirenspolice-41f6e8b589d6d47cc56937ff17c493f5 were for me! But y’know what? I can’t even go any further because this story is such a load of crap… I did run into James Taylorimages (2) this morning on the road (NOT with my car) but he is always very sweet. And I did stop and get tea at the coffee shopdownload (1) because I don’t like coffee.

So truth is I met up with Kristi and gave her a lift to the airport… BUT  IT WAS STILL PRETTY FREAKING EXCITING! lkpojphj unnamed (24) 20b852e0b679d9fd3e82f1198904abcf


19 thoughts on “Part Deux: the Mystery Guest

  1. This was very funny. You know how the kids are always saying LOL. Most of the time I read what they wrote and can only manage a slight smile. But for this I really did laugh out loud.


  2. LOL I was totally like “Oh whoever she ran over must have been not mentioning! HAHA” It was beyond delightful to meet IRL you!! Thank you SO SO much too for taking me to the airport, for the lovely chat, for being awesome, and for thinking of T-man! xoxo


  3. Sweet Baby James! I can’t imagine him being anything but gracious to fans–now, there are others I could name who are “famous” for being rude… Sounds like you had a well-deserved fun weekend!


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