The Top 10 Reasons Batman is More Like a Demented Poodle Than You Realize

As my dog Douglas spirals into the uncharted depths of dementia, I’ve noticed that his behavior while often bizarre, is not totally inexplicable. In any other circumstance Doug’s conduct may be misconstrued as out of sync with the norm, aberrent, or as I have so unjustly referred to it as, “downright kooky.” However if we were to think outside the proverbial box, and recognize Doug for the upstanding guy that he is, we might be able to entertain the idea that in fact he is prepping for superhero-dom. Given some thought, one can draw more than a few parallels, not the least of which, is that I leave everyday for work and no one actually knows what Doug does with those hours.

Let’s consider this shall we?2780171feacafc9d4915d36e84b1ef61

I think, NAY I BELIEVE, that Doug and Batman have far too many similarities to be ignored.

  1. In his supposed demented state, Doug has taken to trying to leave the house via the bookcase.e2a9511b08f401d70cc41cc9ed13c2db (see 1960’s Batman television series)
  2. Not unlike the Batman, Doug comes with a hard-luck back story. Neither Batman nor Doug were given adequate early childhood exposure to their parents.
  3. Having been a bad guy when I first met him, Doug is the epitome of the anti-hero. It is widely recognized that Batman, if he ever decided to go against the “good-guy code,” would be the perfect villain.
  4. Batman is secretive and quiet. Doug walks around in the equivalent of footy pajamas and is also quite stealth.unnamed (6)
  5. Bruce Wayne, notorious playboy and philanthropist, is Batman’s alias. Douglas goes by several aliases: Mr. Pup E. Luv, Mr. Fairbanks, Sir Sleeps a Lot, Sir Poops a Lot, Dougster, Douglie Doo, Doug, the Douginator…  the playboy persona goes without saying.
  6. From the age of 8 years, Bruce Wayne was raised by his loyal, and indefatigable, butler Alfred Pennyworth. Doug was raised from the age of 10 by his loyal , and fatigued, cook and personal slave…me.
  7. Bruce Wayne and therefore Batman, is a man in tune with the needs of his people.         So is Doug. unnamed (7)
  8. Like Robin is to Batman, so was Zeb to Doug. File created with CoreGraphics 0617101024a
  9. They both have the moves… and do a mean Batusi.

10. unnamed (38)Batman was born to the upper echelon of Gotham City. Doug likes to pretend he was.



14 thoughts on “The Top 10 Reasons Batman is More Like a Demented Poodle Than You Realize

  1. I’m with Kristi. You’ve presented quite a compelling argument:)
    I love the photo of Doug with his sheep buddies lol. Modern photography is really something, isn’t it? 😀
    The dancing Batman vid weirded me out. Muted it and that made it worse! 🙂
    Zeb looks like he was a great friend and mentor to Doug.


  2. I can’t even imagine a dog with dementia–you write so charmingly and lovingly of him. Frankly, I can’t even imagine having a dog who’s “all-together” and a licensed therapist–which might be a great help to me…


    1. For some reason your reply didn’t show on my blog–so I went into agonized 2nd-guessing that I’d maybe put my foot in my mouth, offended/hurt you. So I journeyed over here to check–whew! Glad you “got” the humor and didn’t think I was being disrespectful–either to Doug, or you! God bless you both! ~ that crazy Valida


      1. One of my coworkers said I have the thickest skin in town….no worries…. It not only takes a lot to set me off but I don’t have time for that stuff….so funny as that was the comment that I said how much I love your comments


  3. I love that Douglas thinks the bookcase is a door, which reminds me of one of my favorite scenes from one of my favorite movies, Young Frankenstein, and “Put. The candle. Back.”


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