Curling her toes and digging them into the cool sand, she stood on what had become her spot, as the wind rustled her hair softly. Early morning was her favorite time on the beach, the wind was gentle, the sun bright but not too hot and the fact that it was low tide was an added bonus, for the beach seemed to go on forever and the sea was as still as glass. The gentle caress of the wind helped to easy her anxiety about tonight’s ceremony and the activity going on around her, made everything normal.

Every year, when they turned eighteen, the girl children in her village underwent a ceremony where the elder would select a card for each girl and that card would determine their futures. Right now the boys were gathering fire wood for the bonfire, for they were not involved with the ceremony, because their futures were assured, they would follow their fathers to the fishing fleet. Tonight there would be music and feasting, for some, for others there would be grief and despair.

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  1. Ivy, overlooking the deeper ethical and political implications, I do love that image of curling her toes into the sand. I walk my dogs along the beach every morning and that sand is part of my life. Fortunately, I had a lot of choice of my fate although I developed a chronic medical condition which has pretty much stonkered my career choices at the moment. At the same time, I am working very slowly towards writing a book. At the same time, like so many writers I’m getting a lot of other things done while I procrastinate.


    1. Years before I started following Ivy’s blog, I use to write a little, at the time, I felt that what I wrote had a “so what” or a “who cares” quality about it. So now my goal (long with entertaining Ivy) is to hopefully have my reader want to know more. I think that has become easier because of the six sentence limit. Many times my story ends up going someplace I hadn’t planned on, or didn’t go how I planned because of the six sentence limit. Anyway it is nice to hear that you wanted to hear more, I have finally gotten away from “who cares” and “so what”.


      1. Ohhh, bless your heart, Candy! Yes, LOTS of people care and want more–you’re a fine writer. What I learned in my old age is that I have to write for ME, regardless if only one other person enjoys it. 4 yrs into blogging (multiple, multiple blogs!), I don’t care about my “stats”–numbers don’t mean anything to me; it’s the people I meet. So I’m glad you’re writing–the 6-sentence stories are a real boon, I think; I can always think of 6 things to say! Best wishes to you always! Thanks for chatting with me.


  2. For western nations those days are mostly gone but sadly in many places in the world women are still regarded as commodities to be traded for the family’s gain.


  3. It’s so sad how some women are treated. Being considered a commoditie is just not human…some animals are treated better than women! In some places, women are worthless, yet, the men have no problem accepting a male child, and the female child can just forget about having any kind of a quality life….even though she is also a part of him And the mother. I am so grateful to not be living in that kind of situation.


  4. Love the description of early morning on the beach. That’s my place, too. Imagine your life, your future being determined by the draw of a card. Thank goodness lots of us haven’t settled for having our lives decided for us by tradition.

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    Love this! Reminds me a little of The Lottery, one of my favorite short stories. Well done!

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  6. Yet another totally intriguing story, Candy! You seem to pull ideas out of the air and weave such wonderful stories that are far from the realm of normal or boring. I really look forward to seeing what you bring each week.


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