Droolfest 2015 and The Great Unsticking

It’s 2:45 A.M. and I am trying not to wake the demented poodle as then I will have to take him out…(who’s demented?)  Having exhausted my reserves, I fell asleep a bit too early and now am awake, still tired, but awake. So after floundering around like a northern pike out of water for the past hour or so, I decided I could best use my time here. Mindless enough without being a total droolfest.

So on with the TToT for today:

  • The guy with “favorite boy status” (well human boy anyway) is coming today with his lovely wife for our mutual birthday celebrations. They will stay a few days and in the end he will have the taxidermied rooster he requested for his birthday… ick… unnamed (9)
  • I am still working on the “Great Unsticking of 2015.” So far… Step one which I didn’t actually reveal,  is almost worked through to its completion. Give it another couple of weeks.
  • Step two which was re-opening my private practice is nearing completion this week with my billing person who is finalizing the credentialing of insurances etc. I have an office space that will be available in September.
  • Step three was to clean/purge my living space of too much clutter, some memories went along the way but truly those are here for good. I don’t need to hang on to stupid stuff just to keep what’s important to me.
  • Step four was to get some affordable , viable time off. I am heading to the beach some time this week… My “housies” are watching Doug as he can no longer travel long distances without undo anxiety interfering. I will miss him at the doggie beach. Operation “Meet the Brit and Others” is also underway for September. unnamed (6)
  • A step I hadn’t really acknowledged was to set some much needed boundaries. It happened in a fashion I would rather have gone at differently, but it all worked out and the operative phrase in the whole thing is “much needed…”
  • So that puts us up to six… Step six is to address some of the ongoing health issues that are rearing their ugly little heads again…doing all we can…(the proverbial medical “we.”)
  • Step seven is highly personal, having to do with spirituality etc. I have had some crisis of faith in the past few years, and am suffering some sort of existential something or other… I’m working on it.
  • Step eight is that effing book… I don’t know … I’m working on it too.

In the mean time… all of these things are happening simultaneously as life is apt to do. I am maintaining the house purge and not accumulating more stuff. My feet which were injured quite badly a few weeks back are healing some… Walking is still difficult due to this and balance issues, but some days are good at least for a period of time. All of these things are mentioned elsewhere in the blog and I may link them when not so tired, but for now thanks for humoring me.

And you know, I haven’t said it yet, but I must say I am ever so grateful for my boy…download (5)

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29 thoughts on “Droolfest 2015 and The Great Unsticking

  1. I’m always so moved, reading these posts, Ivy. How true, that life tends to bring the whole cornucopia or shopping cart at us, at once–must be a test? I can so relate to the “boundaries” thing (does it also apply to blogging, I wonder–but you don’t have to answer); and the “crisis of faith”–I relate to also, AND I have some encouragement to offer in that area (drum roll): this has been a hideous year for me, which has badly impacted my very strong/devout/Christian faith; but today when I attended online church, the message spoke right to me, giving me hope/clarity/confirmation and excitement about the glimpsed next step. In short, it had to do with “seasons”–we all have them, and some of them we really do NOT enjoy–BUT they do pass…. Final thought, I’m so envious of your beach time!!! Whaaaa, I want to go tooooo! Anyhoo, please know I’m in your corner–a stranger, long-distance (can’t be but so much trouble, right?). My nightly prayers for you continue. xo, Valida


  2. hey! there you go again! coming up with great ideas for blogs…. we totally need to create a blog: thateffingbook.com (wait a minute, let me go an see if it’s still a available on wordpress) be right back


  3. And I was thinking number 1 was number 8. Hope you went back to sleep a bit. Those mornings when I fall back to sleep, it’s the best, most restful hour or two of the night.


    1. You mean the book right? The book is done I just hate it and am editing it further. Its been professionally edited and done for about a year, but I still hate it… that matters or so I thought… dont ask my editor though.


  4. Well, this is a fabulous update for me after my blogging break. Glad of your progress. I want to meet you. Still thinking of that trip to ocean city.


  5. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to just get on a plane and get out to visit/meet you. I couldn’t be more jealous of all of you meeting out in Ocean City.
    Glad you will be getting to the beach this week. I’ll be praying that you get there without any drama.
    I think whew is a much better way to describe it. 😉
    Lots of people have crisis of faith. I would even venture to say most at some point in time. Many, including me, have questioned it lots of times. Good news is you haven’t written it off completely. You are still willing and wanting to work through the crisis. I pray it brings you to some understanding and peace.
    I hope you got some sleep and are having a great time with the kid and his wife. Can’t wait to hear how the taxidermied rooster went over. 🙂


    1. AWWWW C’MON! HOP A FLIGHT! Im looking forward to the beach this week. THe weekend with the taxidermy kid was fabulous … Thanks for the prayers… I need to restore myself for sure.


  6. I picture the Unsticking as being like trying to lift a pancake from the griddle when it didn’t get greased enough. Some parts come up easily; some require some work with a spatula to get them loose. Still others are stuck tight and will need quite a bit of scraping and maybe even an SOS pad, but it WILL come unstuck.


  7. I completely want to meet you. And you keep me going more days than you know.
    That effing book, eh? One of my huge goals was to write a book I imagined would be good..I know I’ve told you about it…and then I decided I’m not a good enough writer and no one would want to read it so it has definitely become “that effing book” that I’ll never write, just wonder about. Sigh.
    But you and your unsticking and your sticktuitiveness inspire more more than you know.


  8. Ivy, you have had such a full week. It sounds like you’ve had that mind boggling emotional/physical/spiritual trio of challenges that makes a person have to hold on tight to keep a grip on life. I’ve noticed that in my own life often a series of challenges has often come in threes. I’ve often thought about that, because I don’t know if others experience that phenomenon, or if that is unique to me. Just know you have a whole community of bloggers out here that care about you.


    1. My mother always says that about the threes! Thanks so much Pat… Funny story… after my father’s funeral my brother called my mother to check in with her after he returned home…His cat had died while they were away…my mother said, “oh honey , Im so sorry they say tragedy always comes in threes.” He said “Mom, could you hold on a second Im gonna go kill the goldfish!” ahhahahahhahaa


  9. Opening your own practise sounds exciting! Best of luck!
    I always love decluttering the house! It gives me great satisfaction, especially if I find things that can be donated! Hope you get the same warm feeling!


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