“OPERATION UNSTICKING” and a mess of implied gratitude

Any good project will undergo modifications and updating as it progresses. Thus is the case with the “Great Unsticking of 2015.” Has anyone noticed the title keeps changing? A modification in and of itself. Actually. I just don’t recall what I called it in the beginning, and it’s not important enough for me to go look it up. Some things I accept.

Step 1: Has been a step I haven’t completely revealed to anyone. Suffice it to say it has almost run it’s course, but it was so useful that I have decided to modify it so I can continue to use it. This week I started the modification on two levels. I hope to keep it up on a regular basis.

Step 2: I am meeting with the person I hired for billing and books for the private practice next week. Kickoff will hopefully be start of September some time. My part is I need to write a letter to my referral sources this week, and call a few folks on my waiting list. The new office space is secured as of Sept. 1. I will keep my other position as it is, and modify it accordingly if things take off.

Step 3:

the closet
the closet

The great household purging is complete. The modification here is keeping up with it. So far, so good. The kitchen table is still visible, which is saying something since people have stayed at the house, and I have since left for several days and returned…both of which tend to contribute to the clutter.

The kitchen table
The kitchen table

I am trying to be both vigilant and diligent. This dug up more stuff in the memory department than I expected and I am trying to tame those back into place as part of this step.

Step 4: I needed some time off that was both affordable and not medical in nature. Did it…

Be sure to turn up the volume. Lovely.

Going back for a few days in Sept. with a friend. Also “Operation Meet the Brit” is on for early September.

Step 5: I needed to reinforce some familial boundaries… done. I am trying to keep them in place with patience and compassion without blowing a nutty over it. So far, so good.

Step 6: I am having more than a few issues with this step. I have to address some ongoing health stuff. Part of the goal is related to attrition of this faulty vessel I call my body … feet and balance are the easy parts and I’m finding them a challenge, despite  doing all I can in terms of exercise and taping. I am not good at not pushing… I need to find some way to tolerate the down time better. I am not only bored but feeling angry for when I must sleep or take down time.

Back at the hotel, not too bad on the swelling after a long day.
Back at the hotel, not too bad on the swelling after a long day.

Subsection a: I also have another part of this that I must commit to, and haven’t as yet as I don’t feel ready… I gotta get ready… So far this is my biggest stickler in the unsticking… I am just so fed up with the limits of this illness and body that I have become fairly intolerant of the constant “one more thing…” I would like to say I am working on it, but I’m not certain that I am. I may be just thinking about it constantly, and doing nothing to get my head space in a different place. This one needs work.

What it boils down to is, I’m not sure how to wrap my head around the necessity to take another shot at a health issue that has gotten worse and required drastic interventions just to hold it at “worse”  over the past eight years, despite all efforts to change it.

Step 7: Can only help with step 6 and everything else… I AM working on this one. Trying to reconnect after a lapse in faith over the past few years. As an aside, on vacation I stopped at an outdoor chapel … it was pretty cool.unnamed (11) unnamed (15)

Step 8: The effing book… I dunno…

Step 9:  Is to maintain that which I must and that which is most important to me. One of those is Doug… who is going to be 16 this year. He is mildly demented, but is doing much better since having a stroke earlier this month. Well, he is the same as he was before the stroke so he has recovered. Hooray!

He is on a new prescription diet for older guys along with his usual stuff… and he is taking some good meds for his head. Although he couldn’t come with me to the beach this year, it helps to know that he is with friends who love him as much as I do… He carried this treat around all day the first day I was gone. I had given it to him before I left. unnamed (14) I got this photo about 6pm from Judi who was watching him for the few days I was gone.

Also in this category is my car. It has been a good vehicle and I think Chevy should know about it. Maybe I will write them a letter today… On the trip this happened (forgive the filth, I take care of my car in other ways…)


***OK , so that’s the update… all the thankfuls are implied… they are there believe me… Even in #6… I’m not dead yet and I can still gripe about it… Have a good weekend.

Doug would want it that way. unnamed (1)

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34 thoughts on ““OPERATION UNSTICKING” and a mess of implied gratitude

  1. I tried for NOTFRIST and was thwarted by the recalcitrance of your blog to actually POST my comment, so I read the writing and have to say I think you’re doing MARVELLOUSLY. I like that I now have my own ‘Operation’ – that makes it seem SO cool. And I’m glad that all the things of unsticking are…if not entirely under control, at least mentally framable.
    *HUGS* (and real ones soon)


  2. Aside from the health bit, it sounds like the great unsticking is going well, I am happy for you! I hope you find a solution that you can be happy with for the health piece, it is awful when things are out of our control.


  3. Making yourself sit still and not keep doing can be hard for me, too, even without your health issues. I can imagine the frustration. I’m glad you got a trip and that the physical health side effects were not too bad.
    Speaking of stuff saved, I got a letter in the mail this week containing a letter I wrote to my cousin Reuben when he was in the Peace Corps in Kyrgyzstan. I can’t read it yet. I’ve put it on an end table where it looks at me. I’m touched he kept it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s so wonderfully sweet to have… Those were the things I kept from the purge… the loose pieces of paper with his handwriting on it or a note… his letters…. I’m so glad you got that back! Read it when you’re ready.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. My Maine trip this year is cancelled due to family issues in Florida. But next year. I’d love to meet up with in Ogunquit (Beautiful Place by the Sea_ or Kennebunkport – a lobster roll at Allison’s perhaps? The great Unsticking of 2015 is going. There are bound to be quirky changes and intrusive thoughts and situations. My prayers for your good health, the health of Doug and the health of your vehicle. Perhaps Chevy would like to make you a poster child and give you a free vehicle. Wouldn’t that be nice?


  5. I have loved traveling to Maine vicariously with you! I kept sticking my phone in front of my husband and saying “Look! Look!”
    Get the damn book finished already 🙂
    I had to replace the brake master cylinder yesterday, and apparently had been driving about a week without it functioning, which is frightening and explains why I had to stand on the brake pedal to get the car to stop.
    Keep working that spatula….


    1. The book is technically finished I just hate it and want to edit it down. Thats my story and Im sticking with it… It was nice to have you along vicariously … next year maybe for reals?


  6. So glad cars last longer these days. I hate car shopping with a passion!
    The blues and grays of the video are so lovely. I need to get myself to Maine!


  7. You, my friend, are moving forward. And that’s what it’s about, right?! 🙂
    “Operation Unsticking” appears to be tracking along nicely. What’s your secret? (I’ve always thought it was lacquer thinner that cleaned and unstuck all things lol)
    Thank you for the beach vid. Beautiful. The beach, vids of the beach, the sounds, the smells…it’s what soothes my soul. I’m glad you were there 🙂
    Doesn’t it make sense? “outdoor chapel” where you’re surrounded by nature, smack dab in the middle of the biggest miracle.
    Down time? Think of the things you can get done in your head!! LOL
    The Dougster. How I wish I could meet him. What’s not to love!


    1. I think the secret is that old thing about change… that it only happens when you’re uncomfortable enough… and Ive been uncomfortable for a while waiting for it to hit the wall.My down time is unfortunately not a time I take much advantage of other than to sleep … my head is often too muddled to think … fatigue. I just find myself resenting it and have tos stop being such a freaking brat and move on… anyways… I soosoosososososo wish you could meet Doug. You would love him and he would snuggle up to you on the sofa and coerce you into not moving a muscle for hours so as not to disturb him….He does that to people he likes.


    1. Technically its been done for some time. I just hate it. Its been professionally edited three times!!!! I just feel compelled to rip it apart. I was offered publishing and said no as I really do hate it…


  8. Time off that is not medical — amen to that! I hear you loud and clear on all accounts that health issues are funk-ed up and “one more thing” is going to send you over the edge and then some. I’ve been putting off an issue for the last year and my husband has been telling me to get it looked at forever and a day but — it’s “one more thing” that I don’t care to have it looked at. I get you. I so get you. WHile I’m not comparing my apples to yours, I can’t fathom what you’re dealing with. I just can’t. Nope. I just totally understand that being ill has such a large impact on life — ALL facets of it. Know that I’m thinking of you and holding you in my heart. xoxoxo
    PS. I was just looking at my house and thinking that I needed to purge a lot of things. I don’t know how it happens. Actually, I do. I just close the door and walk away 🙂


    1. ” I get you. I so get you.” YES you do! SO FED UP! It is getting in my way though so now I have to move on this one but I so resent having to that I am stalling… argh!!!!
      Thanks so much . It means a lot coming from so many people I know understand… about the purge. Part of it was purging some of my partners things and some of it was just about the fact that the term “walk in closet” was such a misnomer in my house.


  9. Yes, 7 should help with 6.
    I’m impressed that you were able to capture the photos of the odometer. I tend to notice milestones tens of miles past the big number.


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