Short and Sweet at the TToT

  1. Doug 
  2. unnamed Found BB Bats after many years … childhood nostalgia
  3. unnamed (2) a Lizzi birthday drawing
  4. unnamed (1) I found some hell dollars (from the closet cleaning) after being reminded of them from Michelle’s post a few weeks ago.
  5. unnamed (30) the ocean is still fresh in my mind
  6. unnamed (9) Remember Murray the taxidermied rooster that my neph wanted for his birthday? unnamed (3) He is settling in nicely with plenty of bling.
  7. IMG_0428 Happy accident . I was updating my friends blog (not done yet) and accidentally downloaded photos I didn’t need.
  8. Lots of them.IMG_5915
  9. “Operation Meet the Brit” is coming up soon!
  10. I have managed to avoid updating the “unsticking project” because I am being willful and self-pitying and not moving on something I really need to commit to. Whew! Dodged that bullet.
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42 thoughts on “Short and Sweet at the TToT

  1. I use to eat these when I was a kid…..I think a kid’s taste is quite different with this type of thing once they grow up. (back then…when we hardly had two pennies to rub together…if it tasted like cardboard, I probably would not have noticed since it was labeled as candy! 🙂


    1. You speak the truth! I was just saying that about these this morning! It didnt matter if we were being told it was candy. Like those sugar dots on paper … you ate half the paper with them! Yet they were still a favorite!


  2. Z – posts like this go great with the first cup of coffee of the day. Sunlight is stretching through the half opened blinds not even minding the sheers pretending to hold it back. And first up? “Short and Sweet”. Thanks 🙂

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  3. Those sticky pops. I loved the chocolate best. Doug sure has springs on his legs in the video. Looking forward to “Operation Meet the Brit” and the N’oreasters as well.

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  4. (nearly) everything that I admire in dogs, and hold as a goal in my own personal development (as a person) is illustrated in your video.
    if I could spend 1/10 of my day with such guile-less abandon and simple enjoyment, I would totally do it.


  5. I LOOOOOVE BB BATS!!! I used to get them from the dime store when I bought penny candy. What are your favorite flavors? I love banana, vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. There’s some other flavor that I don’t like.
    Doug’s all out run is adorkable. Those ears!


  6. Keep avoiding that bullet! And YAY to OMB working so well (relatively speaking) and THANK YOU for your huge part in it.

    Glad for Doug and Beach and Hell dollars(?)

    If you have WD40-flavoured lollipops, then I’ll tell you now that anything ‘wintergreen’ flavoured smells like a muscle rub called Deep Heat.


  7. I just need to say as many times as I can on as many platforms as I can that I AM VERY UNHAPPY I CAN’T MAKE IT TO THE OCNJ MEETUP WITH THE BRIT! Dammit. Just dammit.
    I will also say again that I absolutely covet the place where you live and the next time I threaten to run away from home, I’m coming to you. I’ll bring BBBats – I know where to get them!
    And Doug running – so cool.
    Not sure if the dodging a bullet is a good thing or a bad thing, but know that I think of your unsticking and hope that all continues to … unstick.


  8. I think you recognizing that you are avoiding the unsticking project means you are unsticking. My deep thought of the day, lol.
    Doug running. Could watch that all day!


  9. Love that little woolly cloud aka Doug 🙂 Is the video recent? He seems pretty fit! Taxidermied animals are somehow creepy, the rooster definitely is!! Love you picture of the ocean.. Need to find a way to a beach vacation some day! Enjoy your week, Ivy!


  10. Thank you for the joyful moment of watching Doug run. 🙂 Well, either my memory is going (could be) or I’m just way to old, but I don’t recall seeing or having BB Bats. I wonder if the Vermont Country Store sells them. I know there was some kind of a taffy like candy shaped similarly, but I’m pretty sure it didn’t have that name. It could be that it was the same thing but sold by a different name in this area. I became aware of things being identical, but marketed by different names in different areas quite a few years ago. That in itself is kind of an interesting marketing concept.


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