Six Sentence Story: Candy



She arrived home frustrated and annoyed from the project leader’s meeting. She had so many great ideas for new projects but she never got a chance to tell anyone, because each time she started to talk someone else butted in and interrupted her. The worst ones were the ones that agreed with her, finished her sentence in a way she didn’t want and then continued to talk for half an hour. When she got home she said to her husband, “No one ever listens to me, I’m going to look for a new job!”
“What?” replied her husband, not listening.

10 thoughts on “Six Sentence Story: Candy

  1. I know this feeling! There always seems to be one attention hog in such meetings, and it can be so frustrating!! A good team leader makes sure everyone gets heard. I’ve waljed out of meetings like this before, which did not go over well with my then boss. 🙂


  2. Some people at work seem to think that if they say lot it will appear they are working hard but it is just a front to their incompetence. The problem is often a chairperson who has no real control of the meeting and doesn’t ensue each member has an opportunity to have their say without interruption. Great take on a real problem.


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