‘Most Likely to be Mistaken for an English Teacher at virtually any Stage of Life’
‘Most Likely to be Mistaken for an English Teacher at virtually any Stage of Life’

“It has come to my attention that there was a bit of a miscommunication.

So, let’s have a show of hands shall we?

How many of you kids, yes, Clark, even you sitting in the back of the room and staring out the window (as if you weren’t taking it all in), were not aware of how the cue is delivered for Six Sentence Stories?

Anyone, can anyone tell me how this works?

Yes Josie, you’re right, in order that there is sufficient time to write up a true work of literary genius, the cue is provided every Sunday for the following Thursday!

We do this because we wouldn’t want anyone to be stressed.”

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  1. You don’t want anyone to be stressed — you do this six sentence stuff to keep them de-stressed. How distressing!

    Blessings and Bear hugs, nonetheless.

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      1. It seems I’ve developed a terrible allergy to apostrophes when using my phone to respond. As you can see I am now suffering just for you… no DON’T thank me… it’s alright… really….heheheheheheheeeeeee


  2. Aha! I was just in conversation with the “English Teacher” last night about this very thing 😀
    Being a good teacher and all, the rules were made clear to me. I can now proceed to take my seat in the front of the class…providing there’s still time? 😀


  3. This made me laugh! When I was doing 6SS on my blog it seemed that no matter how many times I noted that I posted the cue the weekend before, I would still get messages asking me what the cue was. I do have to admit though that I am often prone to procrastinating on actually writing my story until the deadline is looming, even if I have an idea in mind. It feels so good when I’m actually ready ahead of time, no pressure then… of course then I start doubting the value of what I wrote! 🙂


  4. I like the idea of thinking of the prompt and preparing it for a Thursday post but that never works with me. I make a note of the prompt and then forget until the Thursday then panic at first the relax as it is only 6 sentences! Then post it on my Friday as it is still Thursday in the US.


    1. Thats reassuring to think that you do it that way…. for some reason I dont see you as someone who would panic much… I feel like I am in good company knowing you do at least a bit!


  5. Ok so I almost IM’d you asking whether it’s content as in peaceful or content like generating content but then I decided if it’s the latter that I wouldn’t play so I didn’t ask and LOL to Clark’s being mistaken for an English Teacher at any point in his life!

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  6. see? Old Egg’s with me on the mystery-of-the-disappearing-prompt!
    probably just as well, ’cause once I hit Wednesday, then I go into my slow-motion panic over what possibly I might have for a story.



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