six sentences: Candy


Today’s adult Sunday school discussion was “what do we hope for our children’s futures?” Ever since we had started to attend this new church my young daughter was downstairs listening to stories, singing songs and playing games with the other children, but I was upstairs in these panel discussions to make sure I was thinking correctly. I was beginning to truly understand the expression “square peg in a round hole”, because I was having a hard time conforming to correct thinking. Because I was new to these discussions I was usually asked to go first “what was my hope for my daughter’s future?”, and I answered that I just wanted her to be happy. The panel leader closed her eyes, shook her head and sighed as she explained that happiness is fleeting, the most we can hope for is that our children are content with their lives. It was then that I realized that the real question was “what the hell am I doing here?”

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5 thoughts on “six sentences: Candy

  1. hahhahahahahahahaaaaa….. so so so sossosososososooooooooooo…have been there! Have a great week! I miss ya! I was going to stop in and had to go elsewhere health related! boo….


  2. I’ve sat in sessions like this too, and generally ended up with an impression similar to yours. I cannot think of a single parent that wouldn’t want happiness for their child, whether that child is young or grown. Happiness is a facet of being content, I think. If you are content, you are most likely happy in that sense of well-being. It is said that someone might think it undesirable. Another excellent story, Candy!


  3. Oh my, “square peg in round hole” syndrome–yep, I know. I agree with Josie, who says happiness is a facet of being content–of course it is! We all want to be happy AND content–and if we have children, we of course would want them to have both, in spades! I don’t like that the panel leader responded the way she did–and that she’s teaching Sunday School? Don’t get me started…. She didn’t encourage people to feel free to speak their truth, and that’s just not okay–in any arena.


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