If I had a nickel for every time something like “You have the worst luck of anyone I know!” was said to me, I would be living in a villa in France financed by my well stocked fortune of nickles. But, I don’t have that kind of luck…

If I had a nickel for every person that comes out of the woodwork and offers assistance when I have my normal run of luck, I’d have about ten bucks every time… Yeah, I won’t be moving to France any time soon, but THAT is a helluva lot of nickles.

Just a few years ago, if you had told me I would be driving to NJ to meet people who I consider to be real friends, that I had never actually met in real life I would have said you were nuts.

Una ! I have a photo of Phyllis as well, but I cant get it to download... sorry Phyllis!
Una ! I have a photo of Phyllis as well, but I can’t get it to download… sorry Phyllis!
claiming Ocean City for the Doctrine!
claiming Ocean City for the Doctrine!
I always look like Im in agony when trying to learn to use a new toy... selfie stick...
I always look like I’m in agony when trying to learn to use a new toy… selfie stick…

unnamed (12)

If you had told me during my ride to Jersey someone would ram my car off the Garden State Parkway I would have probably believed you. If you had seen the actual accident  during which I did a 360 , hit the guard rail,  and later heard me say… “I’m fine… the car isn’t but I’m good,” you probably wouldn’t have believed me either. But knowing my luck… yeah, bad things will happen and my guardian angel always seems to show up five minutes late…I know it will all work out. I walked away from a very bad accident. I will take the five-minute delay if it means minimal ill after effects…The front looks pretty crummy … the rest isn’t much better BUT I WALKED AWAY.

No offense to anyone but I haven’t always had great experiences with the police. Well my five-minute angel helped me change all that. The trooper who showed up was just that… WHAT A TROOPER… great guy.

He helped me pull off the wheel well and get it to a spot, with the aid of a little elbow grease and a few bungy cords, where it could be driven to meet those friendly strangers I mentioned above.

By the time I drove into Ocean City my car was hitting the road in spots that shouldn’t touch. The passenger side was pretty bad all the way down, but I managed to get to my destination without the doors flying open (cuz they are stuck shut now) or the gas tank popping completely out. I turned my back on my poor car, checked in and walked out to the beach. Sitting there I realized I had called many people in that short time when I was sitting in the grass by the side of the road waiting for the police. I had called Clark, the voice of reason. I had contacted Richard, my panicky buddy who had begged me to take his car on this trip and was practically out the door to pick me up before I could talk him back into his house, Tara and Wendy both just incredibly supportive and understanding, Dyanne my landlocked beach buddy,  Kristi who I knew I could swear with about the jerk who hit me and took off, My wonder mechanic and his wife for a good laugh about the whole thing and the fact that I had just had the car repaired the day before, Judi and Mike (who were watching Doug), who I could count on for a good laugh as well as some commiseration “DO YOU EVER GET GOOD LUCK? WHAT THE HELL???”…and a couple of prayers of “Thanks and please help me get the hell out of this one” to the Spirit in the Sky for good measure. unnamed (11) unnamed (18) unnamed (17)

In the mean time, I did get the car home after meeting the kind strangers. I was welcomed by  an old doggy so happy that he was a complete blur…( he still hasn’t regained his definition!)… unnamed (19)Lastly if you had told me duct tape would be the hero in this whole thing … I probably would have believed ya.

unnamed (13)



  1. I’m very happy to know that
    1. you survived your “misadventure,”
    2. your car was still driveable, and
    3. you had such fun with your friends.

    Also nice to know you got home safely, and that Doug was happy as ever to see you.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!


      1. Unfortunately, every time I acquire a roll of duct tape it mysteriously vanishes. Occasionally I will hear the distinctive sound of someone tearing a strip off the roll, but it’s usually never seen again.


  2. Z – you do live some sort of charmed life 🙂 You are an amazing person. The most important thing? You’re with us to write about your weekend adventures!
    I had a most wonderful time meeting you irl.
    P.S. You’ve shown the world an amazing use for duct tape!


      1. well val, she better show up later today cuz it turns out Im not insured for this one cuz he didnt stop! oy…. oh well, bu (my car) maybe has an angel or two we can call on as well! hahaa!


  3. Wow! What a post. I am so glad you got home safe. I thought that something might be wrong when the six sentence prompt didn’t get posted, but I could never have imagined all that.


  4. Oh, no!!! I was hoping that I would reach the end of the post, and you’d confess in was all a dream, but NO, you had the photo proof! I am so glad you were able to walk away! Take care of yourself!


  5. hey! is that….’elaveda temperadure’ tape on that there bumper there?

    (glad that you made it to Ocean City ( official city motto: “ hey everyone look at that really big sandbar out there!! lets build our town there, what harm could that do?”)


    1. I COULD SELL THAT TAPE! Thanks so much for coming with me to get it! It is amazing… I think the suspension has improved since the heat tightened that tape up! I had a great time in OC it was totally worth it… Some of the best time was with you guys… Una is the best… you and Phyllis are okay too but Una is the best!


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