unnamed (11)After my car was run off the road this weekend several hundred miles from home, many concerned and faithful friends were interested in the return trip and if it would be possible to restore the car to  its previous state of disrepair, so I mailed off a group message.

Well, I went to see my mechanic and he said that the whole passenger side and front end is going to have to be replaced, but other than the suspension and the fact that something is leaking, he thinks he can probably salvage it for cheaper than it would be for me to buy a new car. So I’m going to let him do it. It will all work out somehow right? He was impressed with my duct tape work. At least that was how I interpreted it when he said under his breath, ‘Dear God, what is with this woman?'”unnamed (13) 

*thanks Val, easiest one yet!


  1. I think you could make a duct tape commercial and make a fortune. That or a movie or a commercial about the car (and driver, and mechanic) that never gave up.


  2. I was wondering if you might change out the duct tape every now and then. Duct tape comes in all sorts of colors and patterns now. Pumpkins for fall, snowmen for winter, etc. It could be a fashion statement. The Martha Stewart method of car repair!

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    1. This duct tape is some stuff Clark and I found in OC NJ its heat resistant but it seems to fuse when heated as well… which is awesome! So I was thinking of taping OVER it with the other stuff for fun!

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  3. “…I was thinking of taping OVER it with the other stuff for fun!

    (on the streets of western New England), “Oh my god!! what is that?!!?” “Don’t worry! it’s soft and won’t scratch the other cars…and buildings and bridges”

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