TToT and Another Down and DIrty *Unsticking Update


*The only thing I can say about the update is it’s been a week of hypograts and setbacks. I’m happy to say I  stuck to the plan, but some stuff is just gonna take longer due to circumstances beyond my control … Not gonna dwell there…

** Overall I am feeling a lot better since finding out I had an injury from a car accident last week. One minor surgical procedure later and I am almost pain free. I was able to get a transfusion to kick off treatment this week that I thought was going to have to be delayed until the more acute problem was resolved. I don’t want to delay anything… just get it over with…


  1. …feeling better (see above)**
  2. …out of hospitalunnamed (10)
  3. …well enough to go back to work Saturday
  4. …car is able to be repaired 2012-rolls-royce-phantom-convertible-coupe-convertible-ad-a10b5 ok not this good, but still…
  5. …really great irl friends
  6. met everyone from internet last week and had a great timeunnamed (12)
  7. unnamed (13)…it was totally worth the car wreck
  8. doug unnamed (3)
  9. unnamed (9)doug
  10. rule 6.78 subsection 45t of the SBOR/BOSR states if one is rendered incapacitated for any reason (self inflicted or otherwise) one may use said rule to cover an additional item of gratitude in addition to using ones favorite item twice in the same list. Of note is the two repeated items must be used in succession prior to the use of said rule making the culmination of all three items as listings 8,9, and 10 on a traditional TToT list. ***all this for the price of one dance, so say the SGV.
Ten Things of Thankful
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30 thoughts on “TToT and Another Down and DIrty *Unsticking Update

      1. I just sent out the “help me , Im an idiot with this crap” – message to the other hosts so maybe someone will figure it out! I will let ya know! I think I still have your email… I will send mine again! 🙂 Never know when I will need to send out a doggie toy or two…

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  1. I love that picture of Fluffy Doug! I’m glad your car was repairable – I am very familiar with the anxiety of having car payments and I’m happy you get to avoid them for now.

    I’m also happy you met everyone and that your treatment is proceeding despite the accident.


  2. I am so sorry about the injury and the Jersey scumbag and his behavior, but so glad it’s all getting taken care of. I’m so tickled that I’ve met you in person! Still recovering. Not from you, though.


  3. You got in a car accident in New Jersey?!?!?! Good grief! I’m glad you got all fixed up. Now, after Sarah’s comment, I’m gonna need to hear the story about the Jersey jerk.
    It looked like you all had a great time, despite the accident. Still jealous.


    1. We did have a great time!!! The link will show ya the accident… Im ok…didnt even realize i was hurt…. Just thought i was nauseated cuz of having to getback home…i am feeling much better!


  4. I am glad/grateful for you–I love the authenticity of your posts, your courage, your positive spirit. It’s like a Vit B-12 shot to visit here…so glad to “know” you. (The old “val” who loves 6 Sentence Stories) xxoo


    1. Did i miss your link this week? Ive been kind of out of it until yesterday… You usually put it in a comment but i didnt seeitl! I will go back and look for it! Thanks Val,! Your comments ate very b12 as well!!!! 🙂


    1. Im sitting at my work desk, no stomach pain, can drink stuff … and four days out of work prior to this with very few pending messages to handle this morning, all of which are managable… its already better! Thanks , Val!


  5. Glad you’re feeling better, and thanks for figuring out the code! Someday (not today) I need to figure out how to code. There are just too many times when it would come in handy!


    1. Ihave no clue how to write code I just went to my inlinkz which is what lizzi uses for this and I use for sss and replaced the old box… if it was dependent on me writing code it would never get done … and I even took a class in it! NO GO!


  6. What?! Injury? Dammit! I’m so grateful you were able to drive safely back home. I hope you are feeling all kinds of better 🙂
    “Minor surgical”…somehow I don’t believe those 2 words go together lol


    1. turns out I had an intestinal tear from one of my implants… it was easily repaired with an endoscopy. I think its more likely I injured it “repairing” the car than in the actual accident! I am much better… ate soft food today…

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  7. to think that it was only last month that we all met in Ocean City (city motto: the city, you see is, like built on what could best be described as a sandbar, but it’s on the Ocean, so we thought, ‘Hell, lets call it that!”)

    good trip. glad you were there. can’t wait ’til next year.


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