Less is More: A Six Sentence Story

unnamed (11)This month the US psychiatric and medical professions have undergone a change. Currently, psychiatric diagnosis is done on Axes 1-5, each representing a specific part of the stressors and illnesses with which each client may be dealing. In the interest of more specific billing, the codes have been changed and there are nearly 19 times as many procedure codes, and nearly 5 times as many diagnosis codes in the new listing than its predecessor. Someone has obviously missed the memo stating that “less is more.” Granted accidents will happen, but truly can’t they be coded according to body part? Do we really need a code for struck by an orca (code 56.02) or forced space craft landing (code v95.2)?

Orca Whale Breaching Glacier Bay Composite SE
Orca Whale Breaching Glacier Bay Composite SE


The cue is axes.



26 thoughts on “Less is More: A Six Sentence Story

  1. There really is a code for struck by an orca? Is this proof that doctors can heal anything? Or at least test for anything? I think it is a ploy by insurance companies to confuse everyone, therefore they can bounce back claims as improper. Did they take a page from the SBOR? I love Kristi’s comment about the car and the ducktape.


  2. yeah!! the duct tape diagnosis!! I’d love to see the recommended treatment plan (“… with a large supply of acetone, begin to remove the top layers…”)

    hey! Val! you’re right they’ve been sneaking a peak at the Book of Secret Rules (aka The Secret Book of Rules)… no fair!



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