TToT: Sunday Roundup

First and foremost I must thank Doug for filling in on the Saturday TToT.

unnamed (4) 

  1. Doug is my first gratitude today. I’m sure my regular readers are surprised. It is pretty cool though having a literate doggy.
  2. 20141012_185316 It is getting on to pumpkin pickin’ season soon!
  3.   No skunks or people were injured in the making of this film… Okay, maybe our pride was injured a bit at finding him instead of the racoon in the Have-A-Heart trap. The grateful was the fun, no one got sprayed, and our friend was obviously pretty comfy as he took a nap for about 45 minutes before leaving the open trap.

  4. unnamed (1)we are still having some blissfully warm days as well…
  5. unnamed (2)This is a very old tree house in the center of the chicken coop. The girls like to roost up there sometimes and I guess with a humongous skunk on the loose it’s cool they can get up there.
  6. unnamed (3)Have I mentioned Doug? He looked great yesterday, but he is getting very old and pretty demented. He wanders a lot, but never far from me. He has earned the nickname Batman as he keeps trying to leave via the bookcase.  I am really grateful that those symptoms are the worst of it. He is in spectacular health and I hope he remains so until the day he is not if ya get my drift.unnamed (38) I am grateful for little shortcuts for him as well…even if he can’t seem to figure it out yet.
  7. The contest is easy this time…just a caption for this piccropped-unnamed-10.jpg entries so far…
    1. J Lapis says:
    2. amycake76 says:
    3. Kristi Campbell – findingninee says:

      “Yo, Bernard! Back off man. I told you that if you went fishing one more time on the weekend that I’d be moving in with my sister!”

    4. Good grief, I told him it was too big to swallow. What does he expect me to do about it?
    5. valj2750 says:

      “You’re out of line.”

      and unnamed

      8. There is time to enter until October 5 but it will sneak up on you… be forewarned!

      ENTER HERE!!!!

      9.yut Met up with some favorite people whom I haven’t seen in many years.

      10. Several friends have offered the loan of their cars while mine is getting repaired post NJ accidental unnamed (13)


14 thoughts on “TToT: Sunday Roundup

  1. I once had a neighbor ask my dad and I if we could help her load her live trap into her trunk. She wanted to release the wild animal she had caught and had covered the trap with a blanket to keep it calm.

    It had a skunk in it!


  2. My brother-in-law had a raccoon in his backyard this past week–it almost took a dip in the swimming pool with him! I’m glad you were able to get that huge skunk out of the trap with no lingering reminder of his presence!


  3. yeah skunks is nothing to mess with! Bella had a close encounter once, years ago… she got only a bit of the mist (off the main stream) I ended up worse off, ’cause I ran out and picked her up (Bella, not the skunk) because she didn’t have the sense to run away. Remarkably powerful odor…


  4. OH what fun it was to read and watch your list! That video cracked me up!! And the captions for that pic? PRICELESS!!! I need to play along! SO fun!!

    I love the fall season- September is my favorite month of all. And Doug is absolutely adorable!!!


  5. Love the funny skunk story, Doug and the Jack-O-Lantern. I love meeting up with friends I haven’t seen in awhile, too. Have a good week. Can’t wait to see the completed vehicle.


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