I’m Always Amazed It Has Taken Me So Long To Accept The Nature of Some People

It may be that I’m in a particularly cynical mood of late but, I am continually amazed at my capacity to be duped. Well, maybe that’s not the right word as much as it is my capacity to be surprised by human nature. I am never surprised by the positive and wonderful things people reach out and do. Someone saves an animal (link), someone gives up their livelihood to save others from being destitute (link SFG) and I think, “How wonderful! People can be so cool!” I guess what surprises me is when they’re not. I am continually taken aback to find out that not everyone has the best interest of other people, or even their own moral selves in mind.


I’m saddened when I read the comments after this video and see those that say things that are toxic and bigoted. When I see the suffering of refugees trying to escape the ravages of war, I’m amazed that it suprises me to hear of  town meetings occurring to discuss how to keep these people out of our communities (NYT link). I can pose fifty arguments as to why these things are appalling, but that’s not the point. The issue is how much of a bombshell it feels like every time I hear something similar. 

In some ways I guess it’s a good thing to be surprised by such disgusting behavior. I suppose it means Im hopeful, or less cynical than I think. Maybe I should try to cultivate an acceptance of my repetative consternation, it’s a hell of a lot better than the alternative.

***This was a Finish the Sentence Friday with the amazing Ninee Hunter, Kristi of Finding Ninee . I decided to host after offering up a sentence. Thanks for linking up and as always enjoy hopping around!


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10 thoughts on “I’m Always Amazed It Has Taken Me So Long To Accept The Nature of Some People

  1. I’m always buoyed by stories of “heroes” who aren’t so self-involved, and give/help others in big or little ways. It’s easy for me to get discouraged, easy to judge those who “live in the world of me”.


  2. I love that video! I always set myself up for major disappointment by reading comments. I am so glad I never read the comments to that one. Sometimes you just can’t fathom that someone would have something bad to say about something good or even tragic for that matter.


  3. it’s a good thing to be surprised by such disgusting behavior. I suppose it means Im hopeful, or less cynical than I think” I would submit that your statement is accurate and that that is not a bad thing.
    Perhaps the unpleasant feeling that arises when we are reminded of the baser nature (in people) is simply proof that existence (and reality) is to a certain extent, a personal affair and having the world (as we perceive it) contradicted…usually forcefully. The new things in life that are in keeping with our values are enhancements (of our values), the negative elements are contrary and counter and not only are ugly, they (the negative things in the world) draw the energy away from the good things and that never feels good.


  4. I’m not surprised; I’m pretty cynical myself nowadays! It actually gives me great satisfaction to hear the positive stories, but I’m not shocked any more when I read about the intolerance of others!



    Ok I just left a comment but then the page went white. That video! EEEP! I love love love it. Love wins. I’ve never read the comments. You know – even on my Listen to Your Mother video, some people made mean comments? I mean sheesh. Anyway people’s cruelty toward one another continually bums me out and shocks me. I guess not everybody is as awesome as a woman who would drive for hours to give a computer friend a ride to the airport. xo


  6. It’s when you stop feeling surprised, shocked or saddened by other people’s callousness that there is a problem (if it’s ongoing, anyway).

    That looks like a great link-up. Where do I go to find out what the sentence is each Friday? 🙂


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