It’s been a rough couple of weeks for health and circumstance, I didn’t even make it to my own hop this week! SORRY… I was supposed to cohost one and participate in another, both of which I have been a sorry participant, as this is the first time I’ve opened my computer in about a week. I did use my phone a few times… a sorry substitute I must say… anyhow… enough complaining… I am just gonna do a few catch ups to remind folks of a few things and give you the cue for the Six Sentence Story hop on Thursday…


  1. Tomorrow is the last day of the contest… all you have to do is caption this photo… easy one for a change and ironically fewer contestants… go figure! cropped-unnamed-10.jpg LINK TO ENTER
  2. zoebyrd-e1441214843389On October 9th the REVERIE will putting out it’s first issue and yours truly is a featured poet… go figure again! Good news is it’s going to be a free download on Kindle that day… for the issue/book. This LINK will explain it further.
  3. Thanks to Clark for reminding me of a great song when I was being a self-pitying slug (my word, not his) . So in the words of the great Warren Zevon… thanks, Clark
  4. unnamed (11)The cue for this week’s  SIX SENTENCE STORY  is RECORD. Come back on Thurs. I promise to be there this week!

  5. I almost forgot Kim at thistledewfit nominated me for a liebster… I will get to this soon… promise!!! Thanks! *** I have to admit that it’s kind of a vague memory if not a feverish delusion, so I should probably go check my emails, but if I’m wrong just chalk it up to dehydration and hospital stress. I’ve been known to hallucinate when sick enough. ***

See Ya’ll later… Have a good week! unnamed (13) I and D



  1. Yeah, I’ve been way under the radar the past couple of weeks for a variety of reasons. Trying to snap out of it and get back to it. I have a Liebster nomination languishing in my inbox as well. Hopefully, you have motivated me to do something about it! xxxooo to you and Doug.


    1. Want me to slap ya or somethin? I like you enough to do that for you…even though it would hurt me a lot more than it would hurt you… You know…just to help ya snap out of it… Think about it…


  2. Sending MORE daily prayers for your healing, Ivy! Thanks for another fab cue…I can already feel the brain-heart connection twitching and hear the tingling, Yes! xxoo


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