TToT… The Brit is Back

I wasn’t able to do a TToT last week. Remember this unnamed (13)? Well it turns out it was a bigger deal than I thought . Since it happened I’ve been passing off my condition as the flu, but in reality it was an internal injury from the accident. I’ve had one procedure and am waiting to talk to a surgeon, who knows me from a previous situation (or 3), in another week or so. I’m hoping that gives me enough time to heal a bit more and thereby avoid surgery. I may not be particularly happy and in fact am quite pissy, but I am grateful… that things aren’t so bad that it became an emergency, as it has in the past, that my docs are aware that I can’t do it all at once and have held my other treatments for the past two weeks to let my stomach calm down some, that my car has had its passenger side and front end replaced, and it now looks like thisunnamed (46). Yes, it was the miracle man mechanic, and he did it for a song by comparison to other estimates I received. I am so grateful to have met he and his wife. They have a new puppy and a bit of trouble collecting from deadbeats… so they’ve posted a new sign…unnamed (48)

unnamed (47)I think I may have mentioned in the past that I have a dog. His name is Doug. He is pretty old and will in fact be 16 next month. He has a dementia issue now in his advanced state, and he seems to be losing his sensibilities as we speak. It makes me sad when he has increased difficulty with finding his way out the door, and he becomes anxious at times . I am grateful for Doug on all counts. I am grateful for anxiety and dementia meds. I am also soooo grateful for his veterinarian who checks in via texting almost daily when Doug doesn’t feel well.

The Reverie book launch was this week! Today (the 10th) through the 14th will be a free download of the first edition at Amazon Kindle. I mention it, as I was privileged to be included! It’s a rather atypical poem for me in that it’s rather angsty, but you should go get yourself a free copy of the book either way! I’ve also been doing the OctPoWriMo over at the Bards where I share a space with the favorite Brit. Those poems are sufficiently silly, mine, not Lizzi’s. For example:


My cockatiel is eggbound and she can’t be left alone.

My shower caught fire and I had to leave my home.

My Uncle came to town, though he’s been dead for seven years.

My allergies are awful and I just broke down in tears.

I saw a hairy  spider in the back seat of my car.

I have to help to skipper a New York garbage barg.

Tomorrow is the anniversary of my first smoked cigarette,

I’m dreaming up a list of other things that I regret.

I know it seems I’m making up some silly alibis,

but I’m not.  I just can’t write today.

I mean, why would I lie?

Also of some serious significance this week is that LISA @ THE MEANING OF ME… has won the UNCHARTED CONTEST! Tell her what she’s won! Well, Lisa has won a signed copy of Richard Hoebel’s photography book, Blue Hill Herons for this little piece of genius:

“Dammit, Steve! You’re supposed to TAP on their heads for good luck, not CRAP!!!”

*Thanks to everyone who entered, and there will be a new contest up soon (like it or not)!

I’m continually grateful for the support of real time and blog friends. I am also grateful that the great unsticking of 2015 is still in place despite health and life circumstances. I will catch ya’ll up later. Have a great day.

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34 thoughts on “TToT… The Brit is Back

  1. Fingers crossed for you! Nice to see your cars boo-boo has been fixed. Love the name Nomi for a dog and the sign! Your description of Doug’s state of mind reminds me of my first cat who lived to be 19 or 20. He spent his final couple of years wandering aimlessly or huddling over the floor-register but I still miss him even if he did pee on my bath mats instead of in the litter box.


  2. Wow, on the car and the magical mechanic. And now if your doctors and diagnoses are just as magical. . . . . . I’ll be downloading the Reverie later today. What fun. So many good things going on on in your life, like the love for Doug – yours, mine and the Vet who checks in daily by text. Save me a seat at the Sweet Sixteen. I’m going to try to catch up on my blog reading today over at the Bards and a few other places.


  3. Yay Lisa! That was a funny caption!
    I do believe the motto, “If I didn’t have bad luck, I wouldn’t have any luck at all” was written for you. And yet, with every bit of bad, there is good. I’m glad you are finding it. I think I’d like your mechanic a whole bunch.


  4. For the luck you have, I thought the luck would be better, but I’m glad your surgeon’s on the ball and you have a clear medical idea of the way forwards. I hope that all works out well. And I think your mechanic might be an angel in disguise. But boooo to people not paying up on time. That sucks.

    YAY to the great unsticking, and long may that continue. I hope it all keeps going really well. I miss you a lot, my Bard.


      1. Thing is, the trip changed me utterly and completely. For the FRIST time, I felt genuinely happy and wanted and as though I BELONGED. I’ve never had that before, and to have it (and in such glorious abundance) and to lose it after a few precious weeks, has been ridiculously hard and I’m still grieving the loss, even though it’s spurring me on to come back and make it a permanent change.

        I loved seeing you too. SO much – you have no idea. And I want to come back and see you again because I do NOT feel we had enough time. I’m planning a road trip with Kristi to come visit you again 🙂

        All in its time. Yes, but if that time can be As Soon As Possible, then so much the better.


  5. Yay, congrats, Lisa!!!!!!!
    I don’t feel I’ve been paying your injuries sufficient attention. I am sorry you’re still laid up (in reality or figuratively). That stupid asshole driver!
    Yay for the car repair and the fabulous connection you have with this mechanic.
    You know, I was thinking about your call from Father What’s-His-Name while we were in Ocean City. Not nosy, but hope that all worked out and wasn’t too bad.


  6. You always write the most amazing posts–even about news that concerns us. Your positive spirit and determined Gratitude are so inspirational–an encouragement to me, and surely others. My prayers continue daily for you 🙂


    1. you said it! Its difficult to figure out whats going on at times when the dementia just makes them agitated and anxious…. your heart breaks… thank goodness for fast acting meds!


  7. Hope you mend quickly now that you know what is going on. Your car looks so much better now.
    The sign your mechanic has is brilliant! I love the silly poem. I’ll have to go visit the site.
    Hope the coming week is a great week for you!


  8. Yay Lisa!!! 😀 I can’t tell you what a nice little happy that was in this week of shit. As for the rest, well, I am so out of the loop on reading and keeping up with people because of the above shit that I honestly didn’t know enough about your injuries. I’m glad it’s not worse and I hope it all gets taken care of well. I am crushed that I couldn’t be there for that awesome NJ meetup. Another time…and I really mean that.


  9. That poem! I totally get it! I’ve been having trouble writing for a few weeks. Now I know why!
    I wish you knew who the asshole was that hit your car, but I’ll just keep hoping karma catches up with him.
    The sign at the mechanic’s is the best I think I’ve ever seen.
    Doug and my mom have a lot in common….


  10. I, for one at least think your poem is fab
    For a weeniebutt especially it’s decidedly un-drab
    Glad to see your flu-lying ass is on mend
    and too, that your car, will not forever have bends.
    We have to agree that writing is shit
    except when it’s not, like, it gave us that Brit.



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