The Great Unsticking of 2015- UPDATE (cue serious-newsy-type-music)

So I haven’t done a big update in the unsticking project for a few reasons…

  1. Life got away from me(there’s a freakin’ surprise).
  2. In weaker moments I am often afraid to look at progress, or lack there of, foolishly believing avoidance is best.
  3. cuz y’know what if nuthin’ has changed and I set myself up for all this accountability?
  4. sheer laziness of not wanting to type it all out. (…and you call yerself a writer? No. No I don’t.)
  5. Lastly, there is often a small poodle sitting on my keyboard or at least my arm when trying to type.                                                             unnamed (49) unnamed (50)

But enough with the excuses off we go:

1.Thank goodness I stuck to number one and have really tried to make it a way of life or the car repair would have been impossible… yeah me!

2. I have been working on the private practice. Met with my business person yesterday ( omg she is the best thing since sliced bread!). All the panels are just about in for insurance. I have three new referrals this week and have confirmed all of their appointments. Billing is in place . I got the keys to the new office. Ready to go.

3. The great household purging and restoration of the walk-in closet has been maintained and is going well. I have returned to my minimalist ways and feel much lighter and happier about that. AND the kitchen table is still visible and usable as a kitchen table.

4.This one was last updated the week before meeting up with Lizzi and the folks on the header up there. I’m sure you’ve heard I got into an accident on the way… totally worth it. maintaining time off is a tough one and while quite successful at it this summer which in itself is a huge boon for me… the proof will be in the pudding as they say… this one is a work in progress.

5. I had a bit of a lapse with the fam. and got wayyyyyy overwhelmed, but returned to boundaried, yet compassionate living and things are settling down.

6. Well good old number six was about health and has come back to bite me in the proverbial butt. I had to backtrack quite a bit after sustaining an internal injury. I’m still working on it and hope to return to some level of …well, being level…which currently I am definitely not… ’nuff said.

7. Reconnecting with my faith and spirituality has been a challenge. Thank you God for persistent and supportive friends. This continues to be a work in progress… I can’t talk a lot about it as you may have noticed the more important it is to me the less I tend to share it…When ready I will spill it…’nuff said.

8. The effing book. The readers are done. I need to look at it and make some decisions or just say enough already… ’nuff said.

9. Step 9. Is maintaining that which I must. This whole project is an exercise in step 9. So is Doug and his health. He is doing fine. He has had a rough time with arthritis but it only lasted a few days until the weather settled… Otherwise he is cool… He is my best boy… He is … DOUG… The car I must also maintain as I cannot afford a new one… It is now at 202,000 miles and gaining. Whew!

10. Well, seeing as this is a 10 item hop… I’m grateful to see that I have been keeping up with this and to see my weak areas that need more effort. Thanks for all the support…

I will post the six sentence cue a bit later… promise! I&D

19 thoughts on “The Great Unsticking of 2015- UPDATE (cue serious-newsy-type-music)

  1. The unsticking of 2015 is great. By that I mean A LOT. Any one of those would be unsticking, but you have goals for way more than a year. One at a time, in its own time. Love that you are flexible (gotta be, right?).


  2. Glad and you’ve given us an update on the Great Unsticking ivy. Was thinking of you recently and this “series” 🙂
    I can so relate to #1 & 2. Can’t we all? The “getting away” is a tricky one! How often I remind myself of that very thing!
    So happy you have the Dougness to keep you company, to be your wingman, to be there when you need someone. Long live the Doug!
    I applaud your commitment to minimalist living. It is a goal of mine. One I continuously remind myself of. Then I remember one of my Mom’s favorite sayings “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”. lol


  3. Avoidance and accountability–I think I mentally use that excuse every day that I fail to participate in the gravity challenge! Your persistence in the unsticking project really does inspire me. I am still stuck somewhere between hoarder and minimalist, though–and just like the scale, stuck more on the heavy side. Thank you for reminding me to just keep plugging along.
    “Boundaried, yet compassionate living” is a great line–and a healthy way to live.
    Congrats on the private practice. I’m sure you’re great at your job!
    Sending prayers and well-wishes for your health.
    I think #7 is a lifelong journey for everyone–like physical health, spiritual health requires constant effort. Be patient. Consistent steps pay off, just like other areas in the great unsticking. 🙂


  4. ok ok!! I’ll read the rest of the post later…. but what’s important is the visual I got from Item #2
    I will send you Five Dollars for you to get someone (your friend who modeled the Doctrine doctee, maybe) to video you throwing your Wakefield Doctrine hat up in the air in front of your new office building (or old office building or the bus stations…whatever)
    no, I am serious!

    Here is a sample for those of us not awake in the 1970s:

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Purging and organizing is something I am still struggling with. I’ve made headway but there is still a lot of collections and piles of papers to go through. We rarely eat at the kitchen table so ours tends to accumulate clutter quickly – I admire you for keeping yours cleared off.


  6. You’re doing amazingly and awesomely well at all the unsticking, and all the unmentionedables, and all of the vague and fuzzy allusions which keep us guessing but somehow keep you accountable, and I’m glad.

    As for faith, I’m glad you’re getting back into it, and I don’t think it was ever not going to be a tricky thing. Mine’s in a tricky place but it still won’t quit and I’m just…ducking under the radar and trying to reframe thoughts which might be inherited unhelpfulness from religion, as opposed to anything good and wholesome…and yet…adunno. Good for you, though.


  7. I love the phrase “boundaried, yet compassionate living.” Words to live by!
    Still jealous over the meeting in NJ that I couldn’t attend.
    Get better.


  8. Well, my friend, this is all good to read. I’ve told you before how much you inspire me and you know from our chats this week where I’m at with life right now. Your first four items up top, before the list? Yup, exactly me. Exactly. And the five, well, same except for me it’s one or more Rottens.
    I’m glad to read your progress and that you’ve shared all of it with us – maybe especially the parts where the progress is maybe not as much. Makes me feel not alone. I’m still terrified right now, but perhaps not alone.
    If the thing I’m hoping for and praying for so hard happens I’LL do the MTM hat throw for Clark! 😀


  9. I’m glad that getting everything in place for your business is coming along. That is good news. Hopefully your body will heal in a timely manner too. I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned how much I look forward to those cute photos of Doug! I certainly should do some more household purging. When one doesn’t move much, things just keep accumulating! I hope you have a wonderful week.


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