Why Having a Few Virgins on Hand is Never a Bad Thing

I’m pretty physically whooped. So I am putting my dance card together and offering the virgins a placating little ditty from a former time in terms of the dance. By doing so I am citing SBOR/BOSR rule 3.459 subsection U, and submitting this poem from a RLF, entitled with my actual name (withheld), that was written for me.  I am so grateful to have friends that love and think of me this way.

You came to us like summer rain

with your uninhibited spirit

drumming music on our roof.

Queen of the Upper Realm

quenching an unconscious thirst.

Like children, we cascaded

out into singing streets

in bare feet and bathing suits,

to run in your warm downpour.

Anger, laughter, tears,

you are always passionate,

not afraid of extremes,

some  days lightning, some

days the vibrant colors of light.

That’s my ten… it’s worth a million to me. Ivy

and here’s the dance:

and of course: DOUG unnamed (4)

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19 thoughts on “Why Having a Few Virgins on Hand is Never a Bad Thing

  1. ..well, yeah, I suppose I could try to be a little more…. substantial in my Comment, but hey! you’re the one with the pome…. and (SBoR/BoSR 7.2 sub chap 3) disyllabic commendations is an accepted form of expression, provided and only if, 3 or 4 people would say, ‘what the hell is this guy talking about’*

    *ibid, op. cit. chi squared, y’all


  2. I could never dance so well even feeling physically well, so yeah, this satisfies the requirement. You are a sweet internet friend, so I imagine that those who know you IRL know what they are talking about. You have at least 10 things in your post! Feel better!


      1. I wish you had mentioned him before…I feel jolted by the suddenness of his presence here. I was too used to how things were – always stable and everything completely anticipatable…then you go and add DOUG to the mix!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. You would like him if you got to know him…if hes around when you get around to filing your first American taxes i will put in a good word for you with him


  3. The video was perfect today. First for a friend that is struggling..and I will be putting it on my fb hoping he sees. Secondly, at church this morning, the minister was asking people to be more authentic and to share of themselves. I thought that was not really realistic. This puts me in the mood to try.


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