RainbowVerticalLightsMost people I speak to don’t consider it a real problem, but it’s unnerving, and at times annoying. Part of me says “be careful what you wish for because when it stops you may miss it.” It picked up speed for a number of years, so this is the longest I’ve gone in quite a while without being approached by someone. It hasn’t happened in a few months, but I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. Every time I round the corner in a grocery store or even out on the street, I expect to get assailed by some well-meaning soul like the last one that approached me. “I hope you don’t mind, but, well, I’m psychic, and I was at the deli and saw all the bright light shooting out of this aisle and I thought, ‘I have to meet the person with that aura!'”

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19 thoughts on “enTRANCE

  1. well, everyone should have a quality that brings out the…. interesting in other people! lol (you might think of this as the preferred alternative to the more common social exchange: ‘How are you? Fine Thank you!’


  2. Whether it is a special aura or just their special personality, that magic of attraction is what makes the world go round. It is a mistake to say I like sporty, funny or bookish people and then to miss someone really interesting because they are not one of those. Always take the chance to be entranced by a difference.


  3. I can see how that kind of a response from someone would catch you off guard. I’ve had some ‘interesting’ acquaintances over the years. We just found the common ground if possible.


  4. I suspect with you that it is much like wet paint or furry rabbits… we see something wonderful and we just have to reach out and make contact with it! I can imagine that it is a bit disturbing to discover that perfect strangers are “reading” you as you go about your daily life, but I am not a bit surprised that they are attracted to the colors that they see.


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