So if you recall last we spoke ( Saturday I think?), Doug was growing a second head on the side of his neck. I, as always, was overly worried about it as he is approaching a rather ripe old age and I am just an incredible worry wart when it comes to my man Doug. Well, Doug knows how to handle warts apparently, human and otherwise because he decided to take care of it himself before the vet appointment. We woke up to a blood bath on Monday, but it’s all good. It’s healing up nicely and while the vet bill was enough,  Doug probably saved us a pretty hefty surgical cost to have the ugly thing removed.

In the mean time, thanks for all the emails and texts asking about the Dougster. Some of you I just enlisted because I needed to vent my worry… unnamed (3)either way I didn’t think it possible but Doug is even cuter wearing a T-shirt (the cone of shame falls in the wrong spot) to protect his neck, (and I am totally unbiased!) If you’re wondering he wears a 2T.


unnamed (5)While he objects to getting into and out of it, he seems to love wearing it.  He prances around like a show pony when it’s on!

unnamed (4)

I do worry that it may be going to his head though…unnamed (6)





  1. Has nobody explained to Doug that doing surgery on himself is both dangerous and messy? I know he thought he could do it, but did he leave part of the job unfinished? Ah; that’s why you took him to his doc. Of course.

    Now the real test. Is it safe to leave him alone, or might he try something else on is old, little body? He seems so determined to look after his own problems.

    Blessings and Bear hugs, Mr. Fairbanks.


    1. Doug has always been a bit overconfident… A real take charge kinda guy… Its funny but he had left that thing alone for a while then must have just decided it was itchy…he seems to have gone back to ignoring it again…its healing quite nicely.

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  2. Well, this is a highly unexpected and gross development, but I’m so glad the Doug didn’t do more harm than good, that the bill was less than it could have been, and that he is healing nicely. That t-shirt look is good on him!


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