He was always more than a bit of a minimalist.

I never thought I would regret how we lived then – I still don’t.

There may have been a day or two that I was sorry I didn’t have more to remember him by.

Recalling the reasons for our choices, memories of experiences forged together, are what truly honor his way of life – our way of life.

So when I find an old list with his writing stuck in the back of a drawer, it’s like a little gift.

I no longer think “this is all I have left.”




  1. Roscoe left the meeting room, and headed back to is office. I had been a very, very tense meeting; he felt that, inside his head, the left half of his brain was fighting with the right half.
    Walking down the main hallway, Roscoe turned left into a side lane get to his cluttered work space. As he turned left into his office, Roscoe felt that something was terribly wrong. Had they left something unfinished; had they missed anything; was there a spot were the left-wing elements could launch a counter-attack?
    Roscoe decided to sit down at his desk and review his notes, only to discover he had left his notebook at the meeting.

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    1. Brain-drain meetings like this one often leave us with the feeling that we have little brain power left. It’s not surprising that he left his notebook behind. I hope he is able to retrieve it before it falls into the wrong hands!


  2. In the end, the things only serve as reminders for the good memories. If you can have the memories without the physical reminders, so much the better.


  3. Beautiful. All of it. In it’s entirety. Thank you ivy for your words today, the words of Buddha. Thank you for sharing.
    Letting go. If we can do this, if we can live as the Buddha suggests then yes, there are gifts to be discovered. Gifts to be embraced.

    “I no longer think “this is all I have left.””.
    I’m glad you have found this place, my friend.


  4. This was perfect, breathtaking in the simplicity of it’s truth. I know so many who are left with boxes and rooms full of item shared, but very few truly beautiful memories. Papa Bear and I don’t collect a lot of stuff and are working at paring down what we already have. We spend our free time together making memories to keep forever. And yes, it is the little things like the list you found that warm the heart and reconnect you. Beautifully done, Ivy, I know he was smiling as you wrote this!


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