TToT Shorts

I haven’t had a day off in a while and I find  workaholism does not fit my sensibilities. I am by no means lazy, but rather not someone for whom career is the top priority. SO I’m feeling a bit off kilter going off to work this A.M. and thought a quick TToT could benefit my soul as feeling this way is truly a MINOR issue.

I was so sad to hear about what has happened in Paris. I have no words. I am just heartsick for those people. If there is any gratitude to be found (not in an act of terrorism), it’s that there are sane and just people in the world.

On to more minor affairs: Before our vet appointment, Doug did some minor surgery independent of medical intervention on that thing on his neck… Healing nicely. And he is damn cute in a 2T t-shirt.unnamed (3)


unnamed (4)

I have a job to go to.

Private practice is starting slowly but going.

My shrink and I talked about a new contest… the guy cracks me up what can I say? Tomorrow if I have time will be the reveal.

My landlord is painting my livingroom next week.

I have tomorrow off to clean before the landlord comes in to paint.

I’m feeling like I have no time, or money lately, but really??? First world problem, baby.

Friends, Friends, Friends

Couple of new babies in the clan and are they adorable…

OKAY, off to work… have a good day. See ya later!

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20 thoughts on “TToT Shorts

  1. Trust me when I tell you it matters today 🙂 The being FRIST 😀

    ivy! Now this is the kind post I need to write. Short. Concise. Filled with…well, filled with a chockfull of thankful and presented without fanfare. Easily understood. Relatable. And pictures. I love when you post the pictures. There may only be 2 today but these 2? Well, you and I both know they represent the world.


    1. I trust about the frist! I am writing between clients when technically I should be writing some sort of note I suppose… but work be damned! I love me some dougie… those pic will be there as long as he avails himself to them!!!


  2. Trieste!!!!*
    good to have healthy dogs!

    *well, ok, technically that’s not really an actual ‘word’… but I bet an alarming percentage of people saw that usage and thought, ‘well, sure’…. you have my condolences


  3. Fiesta. Always le caniche captures my heart. This gratitude blog hop never fails to improve my mood, helps me sort out reality and whining. You did a great job here. Short and sweet, like Doug.


  4. He is totally cute in that t-shirt. Poor Doug – WHAT did he do???
    I am also in the no time/no money club – but you’re right. First world problem. Because the truth is that the reasons I have no time or money are really very good ones and it’s not like we’re on the street starving. “No” money is kind of relative, I suppose. it’s tight here – tighter than…well, you can finish that one off if you like. But it get it.
    And I am definitely a recovered workaholic. It’s why I’m sitting here with no time/no money – I realized life was too short to punch someone else’s time clock.


  5. Doug in his little shirt is so cute! Glad he is healing from the surgery. I hope your private practice continues to grow in the way you wish. Being able to see cute little babies will probably bring you some smiles too. Hope you have a great week!


  6. A new coat of paint always makes me feel lighter. The new, clean look is soothing for me. Hope it does the same for you.
    Yay to adorable new babies in the family!
    I pray Doug continues to heal nicely.


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