TToT Shorts: The Pictorial Version *(Thanks, Denise!)

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  1. My sister made it
  2. The round pine cone weighs about three pounds! It’s called the “widow maker.”
  3. Doug!
  4. Richard!
  5. Stella is at the coffee house most days.
  6. I make Advent calendars for lots of folks
  7. Doug is healing… although witness protection will be p.o.ed that we used his real name! This was taken at the vet on Monday.
  8. Thanksgiving is coming and the girls are restless
  9. My nieces husband ( my nephew) painted this of his daughter…perfect likeness. Remember him? He did this…unnamed (39)
  10. Mr. Cuddlebums

14 thoughts on “TToT Shorts: The Pictorial Version *(Thanks, Denise!)

  1. All of this warms the cockles of my heart (which are chilly or “flashing” depending on hormones…don’t get me started). I love that you do Advent Calendars–will you be showcasing at least one for us, pretty please?? I confess that I’m SO NOT a pet person, but I do believe Doug has won me over…sigh.


      1. Oh great , now you got him going…he’s gonna be hell to live with today… he thinks he’s all that!!! hahahahhhah! I adore DOug which may be off kilter but so what…he has been with me through some pretty awful stuff and for that I am grateful… I … maybe what I will do is take photos of them this year and get em into one post…


  2. My favorite kind of TTOT – photos with captions. Love the poodle, whatever name he answers to. I know I’m not supposed to end a sentence with a preposition, so sorry for that. Have a good week.

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  3. Love the photos, but enjoyed the footnotes, too. What a talented artist you have in your family! The quilt is lovely, too. Making advent calendars is a nice tradition!


  4. A pinecone weighs 3 lbs?!?!??! And is this particular kind of pinecone named the widowmaker? Or is that your name for this specific one?


  5. Wow! A three pound pine cone! I’ve heard of dangling tree branches being called widow-makers, but never a pine cone, but the pine cones in your area are definitely heavier than the ones we have here and certainly have earned the title. I love the way you have shared your TTOT with photos and captions. What do you put in your advent calendar? It looks interesting.


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