TToT and 16 YEARS of DOUG


unnamed (24)

Doug is officially 16 years old on Sunday. It looks to be a busy day for us. I am posting now so as not to miss the big event!!!!

While this IS last years video, I don’t have a need to reinvent the wheel because as I recall it was really difficult to get a song to fit and upload… it was originally the Charlie Brown dance number, but I was such an amateur… and I’ve grown to love this vid … so off we go!!!!


So on to the TToT which is dedicated to 16 year old Douglas

1.Doug.. c’mon…nuff saidunnamed (1)

2.919168ed-0532-43fe-8faf-6cd84142dd0b One day he’s circling the drain…next he’s running in the yard

3. He is full of energy unnamed (12)

4. And sharp as a tack PicsArt_1439253225877

5. He has a quiet dignity unnamed (38) (5) He also looks great in black and white

7. In a pinch he can be a designated driverunnamed (24)

8.unnamed (18) He’s good with kids

9.unnamed (5) He’s cuddly and loveable

10.unnamed (3) cute as a button, did I mention cute as a button?

11. 0723111950 He’s a great thinker. Contemplative even.

12. He knows how to kick back and relax;lkjkhjklghlg

13., ,mmn,bvgchfc He takes a helluva selfie

14..021 He respects and honors other cultures

15.100_3117 He has great taste in friends

16. He’s my best bud PicsArt_1409738689638 (2) Happy Birthday, Buddy.

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54 thoughts on “TToT and 16 YEARS of DOUG

  1. While I’m aware Douglas has many fine qualities, I have a real question about his respect for, and ability to get along with, other cultures.

    For example, how well does he get along with Bears?

    Asked the Bear. Looking a little askance.

    But blessings and Bear hugs to Douglas on his 16th birthday!


      1. Loving Bears and thinking they would be delicious, raises again some cultural questions. (Actually those two positions are exact opposites.)

        How would Doug like to be an Asian dog, in a country where eating dogs is considered culturally appropriate? I suggest that would be culturally challenging to Doug.

        So many thing to consider, Ivy. So many things.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Happy Birthday, Doug. Your pictorial tribute is a wonderful testament to your friendship from the Ivy who loves you. Wishing you love, sloppy wet kisses and feel good food on your special day.


  3. This has to be one of the best feel-good videos ever! Doug is priceless, and has captured all of our hearts. More importantly, he’s stolen yours, and that’s ensured that the later years of his life have turned out to be the very best he could ever want or dream of! Wishing the wonderful old guy a truly happy birthday! Sending him heaps of love across the miles. XOXO

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Happy Birthday to Doug. I loved loved loved the video, as well as the pictures..and what a great way to think about life…we should all be so concerned with things such as looking at a field, enjoying kids, and just having fun ! I also would love to know how you got the video to work, as I seem to be “uploading” challenged today.


    1. Oh thank you! All the vids i use of my own making have needed to be uploaded to you tube first because wordpress doesnt take the other i just insert the you tube url….is that what you mean?


  5. Did the Dougster get breakfast in bed? Will there be a milk bone layered cake for the birthday boy today? Happiest of Happy Birthdays! to all the incarnations that are Doug 🙂 Hope you both have a most excellent day of celebration. Extra treats for everyone!!


    1. It was a good day. We made a trip to his meme’s house. A rare occasion now. He wont be making it again…as it takes xanax and its pretty long drive. But she wanted to see him and he loves her. It was a good day of turkey legs and lots of new walking terrain.


  6. “One day, he’s circling the drain…next, he’s running in the yard.” THAT is one of the best lines I’ve ever read. Ever. EVER.

    Happy birthday, Sir Douglas!


  7. You must be treating him so right, for him to be 16 years old. I loved the video. I wasn’t blogging this time a year ago, so I missed seeing the video when it was first shared. You have so many cute photos of him.


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