TToT #2,456,793, or Thereabouts

  1. Doug…always Dougdcf70099-0674-4c4c-b046-28cabd1bdc2f
  2. vid chats … I got to ask some questions and hopefully help a bit with others… and Clark lets me rag on him… It’s a truly liberating experience, you can sit around in your underwear and nobody is the wiser ( unless you out yourself of course)…Sometimes new folks or a wild beast (like a tigger perhaps) will show up too…and even if someone is sneezing or coughy,  you aren’t gonna catch it… you should really come to the next one…
  3. The internet. My nephew is currently stationed in Bahrain and was able to call my mother for what would have been her 69th wedding anniversary and spend an hour talking with her. He made her very happy. He is also able to call his little boys for what is 5:30 am his time and 6:30 pm their time and read them a story before bed. Pretty amazing really.
  4. During the vid chat I was trying to finish up a few advent calendars. I am running a bit later than usual this year but they finally got done. I told J. I would post photos of a few so here they are… The tree lights up, has 24 slots with scripture and a more secular message as well… the other two are just in envelope form with a message or scripture depending upon the affiliation of the receiver and a small token of something (usually silly or useless…) I guess I didn’t realize that some people wouldn’t know what an advent calendar is about, for each day leading up to Christmas in December there is a message or small token to mark the day. My friends are religiously inclined and therefore I included the Scriptural content. It did begin as a religious habit but seems to have changed over the years.bfe45b35-5854-4892-a674-297bf09a27f8 IMG_20151129_074317899IMG_20151129_074324023
  5. My mother is going on her annual retreat with her friends next week and wanted to return to her Christmas tree so I put it up for her. The Christmas Death Letter was not there and for that I am grateful.
  6. I have Saturday off and I am planning on going to the library… sounds kinda crazy to be so excited about it but I am.
  7. My niece and her family took a trip for Thanksgiving and I am grateful they are home safely. I am also so grateful that they are such wonderful parents. I just adore them. 8f609284-6086-417e-a4f5-496e99250989 edba9244-91c4-4d55-b89a-346cf29acf2e
  8. When you travel in cancer circles… treatment and otherwise… you know a lot of dead or dying people…you know a lot of others too but … a good friend died on Thursday morning… I am grateful she isn’t suffering any longer… not so much with the physical as much as the anxiety and anguish of leaving her family and worry about what was next… I’m sure she is at peace…which she deserves.
  9. Have you heard about the SBOR/BOSR? I’m grateful for it cuz it allows me to make up some foolish statement and call it a law of writing the TToT for the meager price of one small dance…
  10. 1.3 baby, 1.3…let the dancing commence… 


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43 thoughts on “TToT #2,456,793, or Thereabouts

    1. Kerry … really nice meeting you tonight… sorry I kept mixing up your voice with Lisa’s for some reason… I think because I was multi tasking and not paying enough attention… Hope you return next week… it gets a bit chaotic at times but it’s a fun group!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Sorry for the loss of your friend. I understand about cancer bringing a loved one to the point where death is a blessing. So glad she is no longer suffering as well.


  2. I am very sorry for the loss of your friend. At the same time, I think of you and your own treatment and hope it is going well – I’m only just getting to know you and of course Doug.


  3. I had to come back to mention I envy you your trip to the library. I’m not in good standing with my own library. Something about being that woman who takes out 20 or more books at a time and then sometimes loses track of the passing days and forgets a few books at the time they should be returned along with the final straw of reading a brand new book while eating in bed and a cat named Hobbes who liked spaghetti…


      1. What the WHAT?!?!?!? A free library with amnesty?? Do they even let people with kids in the building?? At this moment, we owe about $23 in fines. That’s lower than usual.


  4. ivywalker. It was good to hear your voice and see you.and Doug, the little Skipster, in person 🙂
    And I’m glad I got to meet Kerry. Yo! Kerry!
    I too send my condolences xo
    Now about the library today. I’ll tradeja!! You come drive me back to Virginia and I’ll browse around the library, say for about 7-8 hours? I can do it!!
    Hey! Is that your little scottian niece up there with Spongebob? 😀
    …Yes! Let the dancing begin!!
    Enjoy your day today ivywalker 🙂


  5. SBoR/BoSR is surely one of the best things about this here bloghop! (Funny about libraries, I still remember what may or may not have been my first visit to a library, (such being the nature of memories, it could have been one or another of the time). What I do remember is that it was a Friday evening and it was dark out.
    and the library itself sounded like a church


  6. Oh I love this, Ivy! Love the Peanuts gang–anytime, anywhere. Love that you do Advent Calendars, love that you enjoy going to the library–which used to be my weekly outing, before blogging took over my life…. God bless you BIG! Smoochies, J


  7. Sounds like a beautiful way to spend a Saturday – surrounded by books and all the worlds therein.

    I hope it was lovely.

    So sorry about your friend, but YAY for getting the advent calendars done, and it was lovely lovely lovely to see you at Vidchat. I think the most wonderful thing about Tiggers at vidchats is probably that their capacity to ‘bounce’ you is very limited 😉


  8. Death around the holidays always is extra awful for those left behind. Peace and end to suffering is a relief. Sorry about your friend. Projects for advent and Christmas and helping decorate are nice things that are probably getting you in the spirit of love. I need a little motivation. Wished I had been able to attend vid chat. Next time.


  9. I hope that your friend’s family and friends (including you) can find peace and comfort in this time of loss.

    I am so excited for December 1st! I’ve never seen an advent calendar quite like yours. I’ve been showing it to lots of people–I think some moms will be borrowing the idea for college kids or their kids who are on missions.


    1. I pretty much just make them from things I have around the house and have a cumulated over the year. This year just so happened to be envelopes and paper tubes. Even the things in the calendar our little things from around the house that have accumulated. I hope you enjoy it! You’ve really been such a gift to me yourself this year.


  10. I love that you make Advent calendars for people! What a great idea!!! I’m going to have to make these for my nieces and nephews next year. Remind me come October 2016, would you?
    I’ll be keeping your friend’s family in my prayers. While there is consolation in knowing she is no longer suffering, there will still be plenty of grief by those who loved her.
    A day at the library sounds marvelous. I’d be excited!


  11. The Charlie Brown Christmas dance makes me happy. I guess I didn’t realize the vid chat was up and running again. That internet thing is pretty darn cool. Hope it sticks.


  12. Those are such cute little advent calendars. I’m sorry about your friend’s passing. I can kind of relate to having people you know pass into the next realm of existence, especially when I am so frequently at the nursing center visiting Mom. One knows that sooner or later another one is going to pass. With the frequent visits I feel like I am part of their family as well. How nice your nephew was able to call and talk with your Mom. I’m sure that was nice for both of them.


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