TToT : Sunday Edition


unnamed (16)So there is this great old store in the center of the town where I live. It makes vanilla extract of all things, but also acts as a general store of sorts. They have wonderful things there like penny gumballs in a gumball machine, old-time candy like bb bats unnamedand licorice, or those ridiculous dots on paper that are basically like eating the paper. The big attraction though is an old-time photo machine… and I have been in it on a few occasions, and this week was no exception.



Crazy as it may seem, these don’t even touch the surface. It seems whenever people come to town everyone wants to jump in the booth… it’s about the only time I am willing to have a photo taken… ask K2… Really it’s the people in my life I am the most grateful for and if they can convince me to step into a photo booth and keep my eyes open…. well, that’s a big deal (again, ask K2).

***Now, if you recall, there is a contest in the works…CONTEST. It’s fun and there has been an incredible response to it…but it does close on the 11th … WHICH IS THIS COMING WEEK!  I AM SOOOOO GRATEFUL THAT THIS CONTEST TOOK OFF…. SOMETIMES THEY FALL FLAT ON THEIR FACE! THIS ONE WAS AWESOME!

ALSO OF INTEREST and a point of gratitude for your continued interest! Is that it is time for the Six Sentence Cue of the Week! download (6)

This week’s cue is STANDARD. Come back on Thursday with six sentences (not war and peace, and not 3 sentences either… translation…no more, no less) and post it with us and read a few more… it’s fun and a bit agonizing if you ask Clark

3f4e5e47-9364-458f-b84e-47d2450570edHey, have a great week… and ummmmmm…. Have I mentioned DOUG?I’m always grateful for Doug, even though it looks like I’m breaking his little neck in that last shot!




24 thoughts on “TToT : Sunday Edition

    1. They have about 20 differentt extracts but vanilla is what theyre known for….its expensive at about $9.00 for a two oz bottle… This is the catalog description…hang on i lost it…gonna go back and get it

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      1. Our signature product: Hand crafted from Bourbon Madagascar vanilla beans and aged in oak casks. Ours is a sweet, intense flavor sought after for over 125 years.


      2. They will discount price of bottle if you bring it back for refill….i could work for them…funniest, nicest people…. Always ask about Doug…the owner has a miniature doberman…. Adorable


  1. I love the idea of the general country store. LOL Deputy Fife, Andy and Goober. I want to jump back into the Six Sentence Story. I almost made it last week, but got side tracked. This week for sure. Loved seeing you on the Vid Chat.


  2. Photo booths are so much fun. Almost as much fun as old general stores! But seriously, why do people buy those horrible dot candies stuck to paper? DO people buy them, or do all the stores simply have the original order they made 45 years ago?
    Glad to hear the contest took off. I’m off to see the entries!


  3. General stores. Every small town should have one. Hell, big towns should have them!
    I LOVE stores like that 🙂 I love looking at all the old…..wait a minute……how can it be old? I remember so much of it from when I was a kid! What was that you said Clark?! I’m what? Old? WTF no, I’m not!
    Thanks for sharing Ivy. The pics are great. I love that you took Doug into the photo booth 😀


  4. Looks like a new “badge”/image for 6 Sentence Stories–no more gold book? I like it! And I’m so envious of your country store, would love to live there, be able to shop there–just imagine returning a vanilla bottle for discounted refill! “Aunt Bee” would LOVE that!!


      1. Ohhh, so I’m supposed to use the Book–I’ll go get it, and replace the other one on my post (yep, I’m ready already)! I love Aunt Bee–rather think I have her mentality…which reminds me of a poem I need to write, thanks!


  5. Mmmmmm, loooove all things vanilla. Sounds divine.
    Okay, so since I regretfully missed out on the TToT this week, for the first time since joining six months ago, I think I want to give SSS a shot. How does it work again? Any rules I should know about?
    I will go check out the contest now.


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