The TToT … A Modified Pictorial Approach… The Virgins Said it was Okay

Rule 54.4 subsection 3a allows for a modified pictorial approach but of course a dance must be offered up to the vigilant virgins who guard the SBOR/BOSR… off we go!

7f99c8e4-4c2e-449d-b36f-9327db7f5281It’s not that I’m not feeling grateful or good or positive or …. any of that other stuff… but I am feeling unmotivated to write much because it’s been a long day and I still have a way to go… so I am gonna keep it to a minimum. Let’s go with the modified pictorial approach shall we? a6547283-0b87-48ed-841e-90fe7353f11a Last night I had to drop from vid chat kind of quickly when Doug had a small seziure. He is fine. As a matter of fact this morning he went for a haircut. His groomer was a sport and did it totally by scissors as Doug is so bald, if he were to be shaved he would be pink. Here is a before and after. 18650419-462b-41aa-a008-be371e1dbb8a  The contest has ended… unnamed (59)

DRUMROLL PLEASE! The winner of Richard Hoebel’s new paperback photo book of eaglesscreen is OLDEGG! with : As a child I thought like a child. When I grew up I thought like a man. Now that I am old I thought it would all last longer.

Thanks to everyone for entering. Fabulous entries this contest… you guys are getting really good at this!

It’s also time for the SIX SENTENCE STORY CUE OF THE WEEK. I gotta say I am really so grateful for everyone who participates in the hop and contests… it makes life interesting and keeps blogging fun. It seems to be more fun when other people play along with you. Y’know?


  • remember: six sentences , no more , no less
  • any genre
  • refer to the cue in some fashion , doesn’t have to be directly
  • come back and link up on Thursday.
  • last weeks entry was “standard”and the link is open until Tuesday if you still want to take a run at it.

Have I mentioned how much I love and am grateful for Doug. He is especially cute after a hair cut as he has a little more energy after a spa day. 20130723_193959 Have a great week. Ivy and Doug

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11 thoughts on “The TToT … A Modified Pictorial Approach… The Virgins Said it was Okay

  1. So glad Doug was okay after the seizure. Every time I see that word range, I think of Home on the Range and how my brother always sang: “Home, home and deranged.”


  2. Ohhh! We wondered where you went. I’m glad Doug’s okay. Glad you are, too, and I like your pictures. Yay for his haircut and your contest and GOOD WORK oldegg. Looking forward to the next SSS, and I expect I can use that prompt to scribe the next episode…maybe! Will see if I can keep the intensity of the story.

    Hope you get the chance to relax a bit xo


  3. hey I got through this post and still manage to not see the Six prompt! lol… hey! skip has eyes!
    I actually enjoy pictorial posts (cause my brain sometimes plays tricks on my…. for example, I now know that Val does not have an astray with an MC Escher painting in it!

    glad to hear that Meester Doug is fine


  4. So glad Doug the Dawg is okay! And figures that it’s Wednesday and I want to write six sentences and missed last week’s and have to wait for this week’s. Gah.


  5. Thank God Kristi commented less than 2 hours ago LOL
    Here I am, barely getting on the computer at all this week….shameful 😦
    I had no idea about Doug! I’m so glad he’s OK. He’s certainly looking post spa 😀


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