Hugh’s Photo Challenge: Week 8-Charity Christmas Tree Topper Challenge

Join in to help Hugh raise 250 pounds ( for the life of me I could NOT get the pound sign to work on my computer!) toward the Dog’s Trust Fund.

What do you have to do?

I’ll let Hugh tell you:

1. Take a photo of what sits on top of your Christmas tree.
2. Create a new post on your blog entitled “Hugh’s Photo Challenge: Week 8 – Charity Christmas Tree Topper Challenge.”
3. Add the photo(s) you have taken to the post and tell us a little about what you are showing.
4. Create a pingback to this post or leave a link to your post in the comments section below, sic (- Over at Hugh’s place-the link will get you there!) so that other participants can view your…


The dove on top of my tree is actually one of two that my parents used on the family Christmas trees during my childhood. I don’t remember ever having another. The second dove is currently in a box, as they are both ancient and it has a wing in need of repair. As it is, the beads in front of this dove along with a healthy dose of binder’s tape, are the only things holding its wing in place.

Thanks Hugh9f90005b-c331-42ad-837a-7a484b8d9e98

3 thoughts on “Hugh’s Photo Challenge: Week 8-Charity Christmas Tree Topper Challenge

  1. Hello Ivy. Thank you so much for participating in my Christmas Tree Topper challenge in aid of The Dogs Trust charity. By participating you have helped give a homeless dog a meal and may even have helped us find a loving home for one of the dogs.

    Thank you!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family.
    Seasons Greetings,
    Hugh 🎅


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