TToT and a Summation

The last time I did an update on the Great Unsticking of 2015 was in early November. As we now approach 2016 with somewhat longer-term goals, it’s time for another update.

The closet remains walk-inunnamed unnamed-101The table is cleaner than in the past but is not clear. It is easily cleaned off daily . Unfortunately it is the only real work surface during this Christmas season when I do a ton of projects so it is not clear, but it IS in control.

The car, which along with the dog, needed to be maintained as they are both elderly, DID reach 200,00 miles on my trip to NJ to see many of you this summer. I was promptly hit and the car demolished the same trip and needed to be rebuilt. I learned many lessons about vulnerability, persistence, friendship and duct tape. 90e5b116-6372-4886-a8e4-10a204d6fc98The dog is also none the worse for wear but he has been having his old-man issues. We just broke out the winter coat and I would say it’s not only a sign, but a mixed blessing when you see the vet often enough that they feel compelled to send you a gift certificate for Christmas.

Goals re work in my current environs and re re-opening my private practice were met. I am currently in the long-drawn-out-overly- bureaucratic process of insurance paneling which I was in sometime back in September… Yes, the wheels on that bus move slower than molasses uphill on a cold day in Oymyakon, Russia.  Sadly, on some days I have  been informed I should be grateful they move at all. I have opened my doors, and take the folks I can until the insurance people give me the  full-speed-ahead sign.

Health is an ongoing and ever-the-dynamic-pain-in-the-ass-issue, but, it is being addressed… so the goal is being attended to as best I can. I continue to try to transition between finding my greatest satisfaction in physical activities which I can no longer tolerate and the need to find less physically taxing things to enjoy. I mentioned it in vid-chat that having a chronic and progressive health issue you begin to realize the choices you have are also progressively getting worse, and the days of hoping the choice will be “Do you want the ten million in lump sum or increments?” are over.

The book is being pedaled. I must be honest in saying I have just begun the process maybe three weeks or so ago… but some. I just won’t have the time until after the holidays. I have finally written a querie letter and contacted a few people , begun to work on the project again, and developed a list of contacts to begin with in January.

In my efforts to address my more chronic issues of  health both physical and spiritual, I have begun to contact a few people whom I feel may be interested in joining me on a new blogging adventure of support and motivation. I haven’t gotten past drumming interest or development, but hope to launch some time after the new year. I don’t want to address any of these as New Year’s resolutions as that to me is a set-up for my own personal failure. I realized I have been blessed this year with a significant amount of success in addressing the “Unsticking,” however do have some residual goals that will need further attention to feel satisfied and fully integrated back into some semblance of myself.

SO in summation, my TToT list is as follows:

  1. Doug, always Doug602d1ddd-dcf5-4dee-b3f2-bcb262ddb67d
  2. gifts from people who really understand me… see magnet in third pic from top
  3.  visitors from strange and unusual places who make every attempt to join in the popular culture.d71fd5f6-4701-453f-938e-d16b31f21aca71af44ca-eebc-486d-9fec-3448e0b5d1a1
  4. 2f1444ff-f40c-41bc-ad55-ab9bf6c0495a Good friends
  5. cropped-carrot-on-the-stick the new blog titled, Carrot after this quote for which I am also grateful as it is an idea whose time has more than come and is dangerously passing:
  6. “The day is coming when a single carrot, freshly observed, will set off a revolution.” Paul Cezanne
  7. knowing that despite my mood I will and am capable of being less angry with people, and violence, not only because of what I know to be innately true of myself, but because of the innate nature of other people.
  8. all of the goals that I now realize I met this year and have truly integrated into my life. I have some to continue, but I knew it would be that way when I set out… so it’s all good.
  9. download (6)The continued success of Six Sentence Stories… just a reminder that the link stays open from Thur. to Tue. so there is plenty of time to link in… (K1… you were ready on Wed? Where are you?)            The cue for this week is SNOW. You know the drill but I will reiterate : six sentences, no more,no less, any genre, refer in some way to cue wether you like it as a noun, a verb, an adjective or just a vague notion… any way you like…come back and link up THURSDAY!
  10. Have I mentioned Doug? If we don’t see you before then, have a lovely holiday if it’s your thing. cf63e39f-e162-4cdf-a8b7-bcaf578c359b
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9 thoughts on “TToT and a Summation

  1. I like the post banner! At the moment (I’m crossed eyed tired), it looks like scary fish! lol
    Love hearing about the continued success of your great unsticking!
    I so have to get back to the Six Sentences on Thursdays!!
    Doug. Always 😀


  2. You have made amazing progress on your un-sticking, your determination is inspiring! I find that life is always about adjusting to changes, most of which we aren’t particularly happy about or ready for, yet with time we find a way. I am delighted that I was able to return a few of the many reasons to smile you’ve shared with me this year, and I am so happy that you are enjoying Akbar’s visit, looks like he is loving his first real winter! 👽


  3. Hang in there. Focus on the positive progress, or acceptance of a reality that you wish wasn’t. Is that what Clark calls cognitive dissonance? The limited choices? Sending love and extreme good wishes for the new year. (It has to be better!)


  4. I probably should read the back story somewhere on your blog, as I don’t know the specific chronic/progressive illness you’re dealing with–nor do I know the profession you’ve opened a practice in. I only know you’re wonderful, a trooper, a positive and enjoyable person–and you have Doug, who I love as much as you (from the distance of blogging), even though I’m sometimes “loudly not a pet person”… I wish you both a Blessed Christmas and ALL GOOD THINGS in the New Year. Miracles still happen today. xxoo, Jael


  5. I look forward to seeing your new blogging adventure. I think that the development of oneself is a constant process, and you seem to have a healthy view–looking back to see areas of growth, and realizing that with more time, you will see continued growth in the future. I’m impressed with your unsticking. My closet has not fared as well as yours, and I can certainly learn from your example!


  6. I think you’re about the fourth person to whom I’m saying “I really feel that I haven’t connected with you enough lately. Totally my fault. I’m sorry. Need to change that.” It’s been a hell of a month.
    I’m highly intrigued by this new blog endeavor. Share with me?
    I love your unsticking update. I need some serious unsticking and this is motivating me a bit. Something has to soon or I’m going to head far into the quicksand! I did purge some clothing about a month ago, though. A small effort, but it was good.
    I love Doug.
    That is all.


  7. I’m so glad that things are all coming into alignment, or at least that they seem to be. You’ve worked bloody hard to make it so, and I’m pleased that your efforts are paying dividends. I’m glad you’ve found people for your new endeavour who you trust to support you and offer the encouragement you need as you start your new project.

    And…snow, huh? 🙂


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