img_2247Typically this is a time of reflecting upon the accomplishments of the past year, however I’ve spent my time since early July in an intermittent review of The Great Unsticking of 2015. I guess I’m just saying I’ve been reviewing for the past six months so time is best spent in this instance, looking ahead. The Great Unsticking worked really well, but like anything that has been burnt, there are pieces of life that are still quite adhered and need continued attention. I knew this would be the case when I started the Unsticking. Now just seems like the appropriate time to regroup in a more formal way. After all it is the time of resolve.

I will need to continue certain parts of the original plan:

  • My private practice was successfully begun but, needs attention to build now that I have insurance panelling completed and all the other pieces in place.
  • I must and am quite willing to maintain my elderly dog through his golden years.
  • I must continue to maintain my vehicle.
  • I must continue to work on finances and how I use money. I am really good with a buck, but I would like to learn not to worry about it. There was a time when I didn’t really care about money, however I suspect that was because I had more of it then. I also didn’t resent how I had to spend it back then.
  • I worked a lot on spirituality since the start of the Unsticking, however I think I spent most of my time in an intellectual pursuit. I need to make it more personal. I have to let go of some stuff and need to work on those in order to meet this goal.
  • The book was listed in the original plan, but I really had no intention of doing much with it. I did however do more than I thought I would. I managed to decide about further editing…not gonna do it. I managed to FINALLY write a query letter. I managed to send it out. I have some things to do still. I need to complete a listing of agents to contact. I need to send out applications and letters to said individuals.

pooh-stuck-oThere were three original phases to the Unsticking that I haven’t mentioned here. All have been met. Now we are on to the new step of Phase FOUR:

  • Health: complicated at best. I must continue my current regime… at the same time, there are some choices I have to address as I have been saying “I’m gonna wait it out as long as I can,” way too often. It is time to make a few decisions that will either help me move on if they work or well…not … if they don’t.
  • There are certain things I have decided to delay and have physician support to do so, but in order to do that I have to increase my aerobic and flexibility exercise (beyond boxing twice a week). To that end I got a recumbent bike for Christmas as it must be a low impact form of exercise. It needs to be put together and not used as a coat rack. So that is the goal for this week (put the bike together).
  • I have also committed to a new nutritional model in hopes of increasing some absorption in my system. By “committed” I mean I have met with specialists and done a ton of reading and research and chosen my next path. I have yet to start.

OKAY, so that’s where Phase Four is at. Each of the above goals is broken down in doable steps at this point. Some have been underway for the past six months and are continuing , some are in active contemplation as they were in need of much research before officially acting upon them… still others are past the conceptual stage and ready for action to begin.

This week the new step beyond all that is being maintained and addressed regularly, is the bike. I’m gonna put it together.


  1. I’m grateful for people who remain interested in plans for unsticking. It keeps me accountable and thereby makes my chance for success more likely.
  2. I was able to start a new blog this week (carrot)dedicated to motivation. My hope is that in providing a place for others, I will also increase my personal motivation to continue this project. Self-serving… I know.
  3. Doug, always Doug.c94cbbb9-4a0e-4737-bc53-123d2b625a1d
  4. The ability to make educated decisions.
  5. The new bike
  6. The car hit 206,000… let’s all stop and say a little prayer for continued success shall we?
  7. An internal drive. I’ve been pretty out of sorts of late, but recognize the ability to regroup. I appreciate the support I get around that from friends and pros.
  8. I have to take a trip mid-January. I dread the travel in the physical state I’m in, but again I know once it happens it will be fine. I’m grateful for the ability to see that the tough stuff is temporary. It’s not gonna be tough all the time or forever.
  9. None of us may always like our options, but I am grateful that there are still choices.
  10. Have I mentioned Doug? bf8e35e0-461f-4120-bc30-ed47ae10624d
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29 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  1. I love this! Life is indeed an ongoing process, and look how far you’ve come this year! I love that ever present constant in your life too… Doug! Thank you for shining your candle in the darkness and helping us all see our way a little clearer! Looking forward to the adventures 2016 brings!


    1. Thanks Josie! I do appreciate the ever present Mr. Fairbanks. Thanks for lighting the candle! Looking forward to our continued friendship in this new year! xo I and D


  2. Thank you Ivy for a fabulous post. For sharing and putting it out there! You have hit the nail on the head. Being accountable on all fronts. To oneself first and foremost but also to others, out here, that will give you support and encouragement always 🙂
    You will be my inspiration for my own great unsticking for this new year.
    Happy New Year Ivy and Doug! Always the Doug!!
    And here’s a toast to the Carrot!!
    P.S. Get on that bike today!! (I’m off to the gym 😀 )


    1. Thanks Denise! Happy New Year to you as well! Accountability seems to work best for me…. its that clarky thing about judgement! Thanks for checking out Carrot. I hope it works like I want it to. and yup on the bike…


  3. I did well, I think, in looking back, but have much more difficulty in looking forward. I like your ability to do so. I read a good book on finance for women, but I think it is a good start for anyone. It is by Suzy Orman. It was given away free at the time by Oprah, but I think this is it. http://www.amazon.com/Women-Money-Owning-Control-Destiny/dp/0812981316/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1451690000&sr=8-1&keywords=financial+books+for+women
    I also have been challenged by some health issues. Do make sure your Vit. D is doing ok, as it is amazing what a difference that can make. Not sure what your issues are, but for me, it does make a difference. Also…don’t forget a good B vitamin. Congrats on getting the bike. I know I should get one too. For awhile I was good about the treadmill at a health club, but having gotten away from it, I know I will have to start over. My car also has over 200,000 miles, and although it has lots of squeeks, it keeps running..knock on wood! I need to get the plans set for some travels this year..seems like my dear husband and I cannot agree on things that need doing. I enjoyed your list, and I need to make a looking forward list myself.


    1. Ive read a couple Suzie Orman books … I agree they can be pretty motivating. The vit D thing and even more so the Bs are essential for me… I think I may enjoy this bike… lets be sure it doesnt turn into a coat rack at the end of three months but… Im hopeful that I will do it as I really , really , really, want to put off any ortho surgery.


  4. I appreciate your comments about the different phases of “unsticking.” Sometimes we need to research, and sometimes we need to act. Knowing when to do each is important. 🙂
    My treadmill is dying–as in, it let me run for 4/10ths of a mile before turning off and refusing to turn on again! One of my goals this week is to figure out the next step–can John fix the treadmill? Do I need to start running outside? Can we find a replacement?
    I’m glad you started “carrot”. Motivation breeds motivation. 🙂


    1. OH NO! on the treadmill I mean! OY…. I have found that exercise equipment is crazy free on Craigs list as more people realize they made it into an expensive coat rack!
      Thanks for checking in on Carrot… Motivation is a good breeder for the same. Thanks for all your support this year! Happy New Year , Kristi!


  5. agree with Kristi and the others, your carrot blog is a good thing and a helpful thing for most of us… to give a context for those attempting self-improvement is very important, imo, in that it keeps the chance of ‘all or nothing-ism from backing us into a corner’. To identify with others engaged in such a process is of the highest value


  6. Yay for a bike! Can’t wait to see how the Dougster reacts to that once it’s put together and being used. as a bike, not a clothes tree. 🙂
    I’ll be sending “just keep going, just keep going” vibes to the car. And praying that no matter what happens with it, you’ll have a perfect, easy solution to the problem.
    Yes to options. Options are always a good thing to have.


    1. I put it together and used it first time yesterday. Doug didnt even notice. He literally walked into it …. how he could miss it is beyond me…his eyesight isnt good, like I wouldnt let him drive but its good enough to see a big grey blob in front of him! Thanks for the car vibes… that one scares me…


  7. I guess your mid-January trip won’t leave you near Silver Spring in mid-feb *sigh* I will have to figure out some way to see you again before year’s end.

    Glad the bike-putting-together went well. You’ll appreciate the weather when you cycle. FAR better than being exposed to elements the like of which I had to deal with the other day!

    SUPER glad the unsticking is still going well, and I’m enjoying your new blog 🙂

    Happy New Year 🙂


  8. Happy New Year. I’m at that stage of running and hiding from the things that need to be done. I mean the things I need and want to do to move forward. Your post and your new blog are motivational for me. So glad I got to meet you irl for a brief moment. Prayers for the vehicle (really, does he/she have a name yet?) and for you and Doug and our future connections.


  9. Great things to be thankful for! I’m afraid that I’m missing something, though, this being my second week and all. I am totally in the dark about the ‘unsticking’ you were discussing and I don’t think you’re talking about the pans pictured at the top, amiright?! Maybe you could direct me to a specific post that would explain it? It all sounds like great forward moving progress though! 🙂


  10. Now, you know I’m not a pessimist by nature, but the bike? Clothes rack. Because anything stationary like that is dull, dull, dull. Have you tried water exercise, or is that an option with you? I loved Aqua Zumba. Completely low impact, easy on the joints, and there’s always someone who looks worse than you in a swimsuit.
    Keep unsticking, sister.


  11. I had to laugh when you commented about using your bike as a coat rack. I’ve been guilty of that too. Hopefully your trip will not be too painful for you. Research and more research, plus a doctor you trust, is so important. I too deal with some absorption issues. Good luck with your “up sticking” in 2016.


  12. Love how you break it all down. Manageable. Options, even if we don’t always like many of them. True. Hope all can be made possible, for your finances, work, health, and hope you got the bike put together.


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