TToT … The Shorter Version

So yesterday’s post was a big ol’ wrap up of the Great Unsticking 2015 circa 2016. However I could use another run at the actual TToT part of the deal so here I go:

    • 50170f52-fc38-4c78-b3f3-c030a98dd08cFor those who are wondering, I put the bike together.a93665c7-32ed-4a51-bc90-fd591e498633 I used it and quickly realized I had made an error in the wiring so I had to take the seat assembly apart and reconnect some of the wires differently. It works now and turns out it’s pretty cool…it has some graduated programs that I hope to use.
    • 63eb1589-60fc-4615-8b24-349247afdc93Doug is always a grat item. He just is… I realized when speaking to someone today (as I do at times) that when Doug decides it’s time to move on it will be the end of an era around here. It will be a complete turnover from an earlier and very contented time in my life. I’m tentative at best and saddened at worst about that. I chase away the thought because I am resigned to just enjoy Doug as long as I have him. I will always have the memories of that time whether Doug is here or not. And Doug will always have my gratitude for helping me get through the aftermath of that time.
    • See the beam up there? f8d7130c-8115-41a2-b868-08e3aa075dceIt spans my living room. I just love these tiny little paper lanterns over white Christmas lights. They were kind of addictive to make and they are so sweet with just enough light in the evening.a5a968f9-98b9-4181-81ce-ad568b1aab50
    • unnamed (39)Do you remember this? It was a fabulous painting done by my Niece’s husband (the painting is on the right.) Well, we have a plethora of artist’s in the family and my other nephew has always kind of thought of Doug as a little French dictator…3b16cd8b-f35e-4892-9735-045ceea789cc thus the Napoleonic pen and ink I received for Christmas. Tough, right? He looks pretty intimidating for a poodle. Art is always my all-time-hands-down-favorite gift.
    • As I’ve mentioned in the last post I started  Carrot, a blog dedicated to motivation. I need to remain motivated to continue the Unsticking through to the end. I’m hoping that if I find like-minded people to share goals, we may all reach our own. I am grateful for how many people are supporting those efforts… thanks.
    • Let me just say here, in front of God and everyone, how grateful I am that Lizzi is such a prolific poet. I share (a loose term as I don’t carry my end very well) another blog with her called the Well Tempered Bards… if it were not for Lizzi that place would have  tumbleweeds rolling through it. Thanks, Lizzi.
    • It may sound silly but, I am soooo grateful for dark chocolate almond milk. I have to drink a ton of protein right now and that stuff makes it all palatable.
    • That may not be ten bullets, but there are more than ten grats there I’m sure.
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14 thoughts on “TToT … The Shorter Version

    1. They are really sweet . Knowing youre a Christmas light/snow girl maybe you’d want a set! I have an extra made if you want it I would be happy to mail them to you…its only a string of twenty…my niece has hers around a window…perfect fit!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. You didn’t even have to resort to 1.3! Very well done indeed.

    The paper lanterns are adorable, and such a lovely idea. Art is ALWAYS a brilliant gift. And as for Barding…well you don’t have to write there to nonetheless be a poet. I’m just always so thankful we have that outlet 🙂


  2. I thought it was Napoleon Blown-apart. Art, yes. A quote from St. Francis of Assisi: “He who works with his hands is a laborer. He who works with his hands and his mind is a craftsman. He who works with his hands and his mind and his heart is an artist.”


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