I’m currently in the process of climbing back on…

…so I’m gonna keep it simple for now…

  • not derailed too badly… acute… nothing chronic…01d19dd1-937e-487b-b934-bf2759661461
  • 56f5d3f8-b9d2-4ea1-86a4-74b8276776ebDoug (aka Mr. Lickins’) loves his three times/week bathing vs prednisone use…so do I
  • d732f5b8-2388-436c-a190-0853a8069c25We finally got some snow…
  • a93665c7-32ed-4a51-bc90-fd591e498633Haven’t been able to use it this week but It’s there
  • 21572bab-ad4f-4f82-bf52-9a933f214ef7Carrot is up and running. I still have goals even if I got thrown from the wagon this week.
  • 9a581fb9-4645-4bc3-b819-ca5abc800712 I wasn’t allowed to fly this week as planned which really SUCKED… but I was ready with Doug’s meds… and packed… so the week, although not as expected, has been incredibly organized.
  • lovely little gifts. My friend Tara made the stained glass piece.5126e69b-6365-4ebc-a85b-589d3ada8249
  • Online Continuing Education Courses meet work requirements.
  • e209d342-37d3-4e63-bcea-b5493721eaacHave I mentioned Doug? Cuz I’m gonna… Doug, Doug, DOUG!

Perhaps I will see ya tomorrow with a bit more detail. Have a good weekend!

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21 thoughts on “SIGH…

  1. So glad this is only a short-term setback, but sad that you had to miss the wedding. Delighted along with Doug that his baths are helping the itch! The stained glass star is lovely, perfect spot for it! Snow… glad You have it and we don’t, but so very pretty and it belongs in that Christmas card scene. It looked kinda naked without it. Feel better soon. XOXO


    1. Thanks Josie! I was bummed but I guess too sick to REAAAAAALLLLY feel bad… I wouldnt mind a bit more snow… it does feel naked without it and I keeep thinking of drought conditions this coming summer.


  2. continuing ed, huh? thank god for online courses! In real estate, they’ve cranked the CE requirements to 24 hours, even if an agent promises not to attempt brain surgery, 24 hours.
    damn! I totally miss ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ what an excellent comic strip


    1. We are 30 every two years…no brain surgery allowed here either which is a total ripoff if you ask me…24 annually? or does your license renew less often than that? Loved Calvin… very real little guy.


  3. I do like pictorial TToT posts! If I ever get my s*** together sufficiently I will do one of my own.

    Doug is the CUTEST! 😀


      1. You’re welcome! He’s a cutie. If I could reach out and pet him through my screen I totally would. (I adore dogs and have always wanted one, but I’ve never been in a living situation where it was feasible.)


  4. I’ve been wondering lately how you have been. I’m sorry that you are under the weather. Speaking of weather, that snow is beautiful! Hope you’re feeling better soon!


  5. Sorry this week turned out nothing like you expected it to. Life is funny that way, if not hilariously so.
    Hope you are feeling alright. A sigh is sometimes the best way to express oneself. I understand that.


  6. Me too! Me too! I loved Calvin and Hobbes. *sigh* for C & H
    Yes. It sounds/sounded like a sucky damn week for you. And for that reason alone, I pray to the snow gods to look favorably upon you Ivy. You and your incredibly idyllic setting. Man, am I jealous lol
    Now what could be finer than a thrice bathed dog?!
    Carrot. See! I’ve been missing something. (actually, a lot as I’ve been so-o-o- out of touch) however! I am in the throes of “re-organizing” so that I can fit 35 hrs of shit into the 24 hrs that presently makes up a day.


  7. I’m sure Doug is doing all he can to help you feel better, even though you must be up and doing for him so he can get better. Hope the aches and pains will subside soon. Your new site, Carrot, is great!


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