TToT …. I Need This One

I just deleted an entire post. It was pathetic and self-pitying… so instead I am gonna pull a TToT out of the proverbial hat…

  • My nephew got married yesterday. He married a lovely gal and they seem really happy. I am so happy for them. I really wanted to be there, but they were very understanding when my doc said I couldn’t go. I’m grateful for that too as I was not so understanding.
  • 55e0a103-d88c-4898-a558-f75eba830602Doug’s skin is improving… although he is more pink with every passing day.
  • I was able to catch up on bills this month… being sick aint for sissies.
  • I aint no sissy.
  • I finally managed to give away the behemoth sofa. We got a loveseat on sale for half-price!
  • Doug thinks it’s swell.6e232116-e0e2-4171-9fa9-c3998c62d7bb
  • c9f59038-72e7-47ec-93d8-c9ceec0846b2If you look closely there is a ginormous coyote in the foreground of the photo on the left. He showed up about 4a.m. and the shot was taken from an upstairs bedroom window last week. He hasn’t been around this week for which I am grateful as my doggie looks a bit too much like a sheep.
  • d1807438-2e9f-40d4-9ebb-71b26f5e9208 popcorn heals all the world’s ills…and takes care of a bit of nausea while it’s at it… gotta love that…
  • Meeting friends this morning for my first outing in weeks… Thank God, bored to tears!
  • Grateful in advance for some motivation to get some things done that are annoying me right now… Have had to lie low for a while and now am just bat-crap crazy with frustration, but you know how that is… it just breeds more frustration unless you make an effort to break the chain… So I am gonna just assume I will do my best today to get stuff done… Have a good Sunday… Doug would want it that way.e209d342-37d3-4e63-bcea-b5493721eaac

10 thoughts on “TToT …. I Need This One

  1. lol damn! he does sort.

    maybe a sign, ‘Not part of the Sheep Species. Don’t even think about it”

    nah, it’d probably amount to a foot race between you and Skip to see who’s the first to get in Señor Coyote’s face…. lol

    oh yeah



  2. Oh I hate that you didn’t get to go to the wedding. I imagine your doctor was shaking in. His shoes when he gave you the news.
    Have loads of fun on your first outing. Get done what you can, but don’t wear yourself out. (Like no one has ever told you that before. And you probably hate it when people do. But I said it anyway.) 🙂


  3. What a shame you missed out on the wedding – I hope they send you loads of pics and tell you all about it, but BUMMER 😦 I think you’re allowed to feel self-pitying at that point, but HUGE kudos for turning it around.

    Popcorn. LOVE it! Need to figure out how to make it myself in a pan, at home…it can’t be THAT difficult, right? ALSO, you might like this, because POPCORN (watch and you’ll see) –


  4. Hope that deleted post provided all the catharsis you needed 🙂
    That sucks you weren’t able to be at your nephew’s wedding but perhaps you were meant to stay home. I mean, there’s a huge ass coyote possibly lying in wait for Doug (not that he couldn’t handle a coyote, in his dreams of course lol) so ya know. Good thing you were around.
    Hey! Anyone that knows you, knows you ain’t no sissy. Look at the New Jersey trip!
    Sometimes there just isn’t any better aroma than that of freshly popped, hot and buttery popcorn.
    Here’s to a better week Ivy. A snowier, healthier, productive week!


  5. Wow! Your coyotes are huge! I’m not so sure I’d be shooing coyotes out of my backyard if they were as big as yours are.
    Popcorn is one of my favorite snacks, too.
    Hope you are feeling much better soon. You certainly aren’t a sissy.


  6. Sorry you had to miss the wedding, and i pray you are back to full health soon.
    Coyotes seem to be taking over in a lot of places, it’s very scary.


  7. I am in LOVE with Doug. Seriously. There aren’t enough snuggles in the world to do him justice!

    I have done that ‘write an incredibly self-indulgent post and then delete it’ thing. I think sometimes these posts need writing, but not necessarily inflicting upon the world. 😉


  8. Popcorn tastes so good. Glad it helped conquer the nausea. I hope this week is a much better week for you. Being able to get out with friends probably lifted your spirits a lot, after being under the weather. Here’s to a better week!


  9. Boo that you had to miss the wedding but I am glad to know that you’re doing better.
    Popcorn is amazing. Amazing. That is a staple in this house. I may just make some now, even though I probably ought to be going to bed. I still have so many words to get on page…
    I would’ve freaked out at the coyote – does that not scare the hell out of you??? I’m probably a sissy… 😀
    How was your outing?


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