TToT, OPD and Other Grats

Hey Everybody,

It’s me Doug. Ivy has asked me to fill in. I’m always willing and ready… So… here we go with ;


  • I am grateful for so many things but mostly a soft cushy place to rest my weary old bones…91c4741a-4cfb-4e97-bd92-e3d1ded33db6 that includes the new couch…59d6e22e-0ab3-4e22-8513-01773c486bde
  • Im also thankful that Ivy could climb back on the bike this week after a hip injury a few weeks back and another case of the shingles that’s still workin’ its way out…that woman without an outlet is no picnic. Let’s just say no one was getting any extra turkey in their catered lunch last week…I know, I know… my life is a series of trials…
  • 7e579618-7a22-4360-9c41-fcd831499414Even though it’s been a mild winter, for which I am also grateful, as I find myself considerably pinker this year than last due to a case of alopecia,or as I like to call it… OPD-old poodle disease,
  • ffb3e290-4b67-4605-aa09-ffca4c33a2a5 I am also eternally grateful for Ivy’s mom, my Meme, who buys me a new rancher jacket every Christmas… Not only do I look hot but it’s practical too.
  • This one is for Ivy, guess who passed inspection? Yeah the wheel fell off earlier this week thanks to some doofus who hit her in New Jersey over the Summer … but hey… it’s back on and she passed!!!14fc2e02-46ff-4f31-9e3a-ac72145226e6
  • 1556da74-6b80-4b76-9874-cee9bbab2a1a When Ivy got back on the bike, I got some new head gear cuz it was pretty much hangin’ on the big wheeled hat rack before that.
  • ef39ca71-8955-4491-94c1-500b53ad8ee9Coloring books- I just love ém…they’re delicious!
  • d851eeb3-e4a0-4d56-970b-bb0a34c86420

I also seem to have rediscovered my toy box this week… I don’t know why I forgot about it for a while there, but I did, and turns out my favorite Kong was in there!

OK, that’s it for me! Have a good weekend and I’m sure Ivy will be back soon… DOUGe881b1ec-59ce-497d-997e-66571db2a5d2 and just in case I missed anything… Ivy said to include a dance for the virgins…Clark can explain it to ya if you don’t get the reference…

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26 thoughts on “TToT, OPD and Other Grats

  1. Yo Doug! You be stylin’ in the new rancher jacket:) Hey, Ivy’s got a new blog…., yeah, Carrots. You could guest write over there too. I mean, we could all use some life lessons from a superior canine, right? Am I right?! Sure. Even from you old guys 😀


  2. Hey Doug, I’m glad you’re looking out for our Ivy and making sure she’s alright. Keep up the good work eating her colouring books and making sure she has to go outside once in a while. Hope you get some good snow she can enjoy – I’m sure you’ll be fine for a short while, in your snazzy jacket.

    SO GLAD for the wheel and the pass, and the gradual embetterment of the Ivy-person. And I loved the dance.

    You’re a fabulous accountant, and your commitment to your client is impressive 🙂


  3. Love that jacket.
    Glad Ivy is feeling a bit better and is more able to cater to your needs as you deserve.
    Yay to the car passing inspection. How, I’ll never know, but I’m glad it did! Hope it keeps chugging along for many years to come.


  4. You’re the best Doug! Always bring a smile to my face. My Champ is eternally grateful for the couch too — he just turned 12 yesterday so his old bones enjoys all comfy spots — and we let him 🙂
    The coat is pretty bad ass. Champ is losing his fur but not due to alopecia. He’s losing it because our winter (in Canada which is very odd) has been unseasonably warm. He’s all confused and is getting a spring coat. There’s fur EVERY WHERE in our house. Good thing he is super furry to begin with 🙂


  5. Hey, Doug. Give my best to Ivy. I’m sure she is managing to treat you just fine, with or without the turkey morsels. We’ll have to get together sometime soon – I like coloring books, too. You can chew mine in sparkle gel pen beauty. You take good care of Ms. Ivy. That car and Ivy have a lot in common, you know?


  6. Doug, you are the bomb! As in bomb-dog-diggety! You are definitely stylin’ in the rancher jacket and hat. The Rottens are nowhere near as cool where wardrobe is concerned.
    Hope your OPD is not giving you too much trouble. You take care of Ivy, too, and make sure she’s doing OK.


  7. So, Doug, you get a new coat EVERY CHRISTMAS? How do you wear them out so fast? I’ve had the same coat for years and years and years. Not that you don’t look fabulous in yours.
    You and Ivy take care of each other.


  8. Doug, you did a great job (as always)! I hope Ivy feels better soon–ANOTHER case of the shingles sounds would have me calling, NO FAIR! From what I hear, once is bad enough.
    I hope I can give a bit of hope regarding the car. I have a friend whose car’s odometer just turned 500,000! Apparently, it can be done! That wheel falling off comment begs a story, though. Stay safe!


    1. A 19-yr-old BMW 3 series. (Perhaps BMWs aren’t as expensive as I thought–getting half-a-million miles out of one might make financial sense!)


  9. Aww, ze doggie eeez very cute! Vat a nice jacket he haz dere. 😀
    And well…he has good taste – I like coloring books, too. Hehehe.
    And the car inspection thing? We have that here in NC – it’s always nice when they pass you isn’t it? hehe.


  10. Sorry to hear about the shingles again. Awful. No fun at all, from what I can remember.
    My Dobby says hello to you. Glad she has you to fill in for her on occasion. Take it easy. Dobby is a little jealous that you get to go on the couch. He isn’t allowed.


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