Of Clark, Mice, Doug and the TToT

The year before Douglas came to live in our house, I had caught a grand total of 24 field 53f8989532629DSC_0088_large_mediummice that had decided the field was no place to live, and our house was a much more suitable environment to raise little rodents. Six years later, Doug still lives here, but for some reason the mice have returned to Hamlin. So two weeks ago I pulled out the Have-a-Heart-Traps and started the relocation project in full force. Then I saw this article  , and it worked! I would say that is thankful material if ever there were!

I don’t know if it comes through here but  truth be known, I’m a bit hyper. I’m one of those people who need to be busy. Part of the problem is that I have trouble knowing my limits. Clark would say it’s because I’m a clark but, I want the world to make sense, and it just doesn’t, no matter how much energy I put into trying to figure it out.

I have been trying to continue into the next phase of The Great Unsticking of 2015, however it’s just not going so well. I have kind of lost steam because I’ve had to honor my limits… did I mention I stink at knowing my limits? I tend to push through illness unless a doctor orders me not to. My ability to ignore bodily messages has led to more than one ambulance ride or emergency surgery. At work I am usually the go-to-person who you can ask for help with just about anything…Why?  Because I will usually be so intrigued I won’t say “no.” I can say no when the task is a drag, but if it’s something I can learn more about… I’m your gal. All that adds up to not really limiting myself much, which is not a good choice for the low energy, immuno-suppressed, chronically ill individual. I don’t even like admitting that I fit that profile because it sounds so limited!

quote2I need to regroup. I know it doesn’t sound like a grat and maybe it’s a hypograt (wow, Clark is in here a lot today…he can tell you all about hypograts) but, I am grateful that I know when it’s time to change what’s not working.

I need to modify my exercise since blowing out my hip four weeks ago. I went back to the bike last week and really can’t walk this week. SO Im frustrated as hell cuz … well, have I told you I stink at knowing my limits?

I also started a blog called CARROT in hopes of increasing my own motivation during this endeavor. I hate the direction it’s going in so I put out the word and got some good suggestions… Feel free to get over there and leave a suggestion (PLEASE!) I am and will be ever so grateful if you have or do… I am hoping to revamp a bit over there and figure an accountability model that will work. I once again refer to Clark at Two Mile Run and may have to pilfer his set up. It goes without saying I have no pride and am grateful for it.

21572bab-ad4f-4f82-bf52-9a933f214ef7Having lost steam on the thing that keeps me going the most (exercise), I seem to have lost steam on my other goals as well. I had done a vision board to represent the next phase and I have to say that until I looked at it just now I thought I was making very little progress. BUT y’know what? I’m maintaining! So I am grateful!

  • Update: I am maintaining Doug for whom I am ever grateful. His skin problem is soooo much better with three times a week baths and no more prednisone! He loves the bath even if I don’t. I’m happy if Doug is happy.
  • the smoking hot body is just a joke… but the exercise update is above.
  • I am listening better to my physical self
  • I do need to work on the spiritual stuff… can you say avoidant?
  • I have begun an art journal. So I’m doing the art stuff.
  • The private practice is picking up. I recruited some new providers.
  • I added some new volunteer work to my schedule which is always a help to my psyche.
  • I have to clean the kitchen table which was a hangover from the first phase… it’s a mess because it’s where I’m doing the art thing.

SO I’m grateful that progress or maintainance is better than I thought. Now I am off to work but before I go… Have I mentioned Doug?

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32 thoughts on “Of Clark, Mice, Doug and the TToT

  1. I just want to reach out a give Doug a hug (get the rhyme?) every time I see his cute fluffy self. And here’s a hug for you, too. What kind of art are you doing? You don’t have to bike ride to exercise. You can do isometric tightening and loosening of muscles, that works. Or just stretch and breathe – that’s my favorite. I feel your frustration. Maybe ‘honor your body, honor yourself’ is an item you could add to your vision board.


  2. Accepting limitations and changes in our lives that we have little if any control over is indeed hard to come to terms with. I tend to believe that if we come up against a wall, God intends for us to turn in another direction for some reason. (I tend to sit down and ponder the wall until I run out of excuses and must move on 🙂 I am so happy that Doug’s skin is bothering him much less! We have had a mice issue this winter too, and I absolutely detest traps or poison. I’ve been reading about the peppermint thing and it sounds great, and smells nice too. Gotta get some today! Let me know how it’s working at your house! I am eager to see some of your art projects and I hope you’ll share them with us in the future!


  3. Speaking as someone who knows a lot about limitations, the maintaining part is a crucial distinction sometimes.
    Glad you are making more progress though than you originally suspected.
    I know also how difficult it can be to start a second site/blog. My attempt at that hasn’t gone nearly as well as I’d hoped myself.
    You”ll be okay as long as he’s okay…that’s a nice thing and he’s lucky to have you.


  4. Here with the Lizzi and we just read together. And um now I forgot what we were going to say but something about Clark and your hip and visual people being awesome but mostly was focused on the fact we’re not going to see you on Friday (WEEEEEP!). Also WE love you. Lizzi was worried that I was hogging the love like a weeniebutt, which well. not unfair. xo


    1. Hi lizzi-lou! I am sorry about missing the party of the year… I would have loved to be there! But being a Weeniebutt I cannot! sigh, groan, moan….weeeeeeeeeeeeep…love you too!


  5. Ahem. I seem to remember someone telling me that a 5K was too far to run as a first run after plantar fasciitis. 🙂 I ran it anyway, though, and imagine that you would listen to me as well as I did to you, so I’m not sure if I should even venture to say take it easy. Limitations are no fun, and you’ve really had more than your fair share of them.

    I do know, though, that when I spend time on spiritual things, I am better equipped to handle whatever comes my way in other areas of my life, so I will encourage you to not avoid that part of your unsticking.


    1. I am taking it easy and i think thats why Im sooooo frustrated. But I cant afford more complicated medical bills if I screw this up! lol Thanks for the encouragement…. it is most welcome….


      1. Good for you for taking it easy. It is frustrating to not be able to be as active as you would prefer. (I did a 20 week stint on bedrest once–when I finally could get up, even washing the dishes was fun!) The chronic nature of your illness presents its own set of challenges, I imagine.


  6. “I need to modify my exercise” Look at you! You can do it!! Keep it up 😀
    Carrot. Will get my ass over there!
    Doug! Yay!
    The car passing inspection! Cool.
    The practice picking up. Excellent!


  7. I feel like the biggest doofus on the planet, but I can’t find a link to this new blog. I will be there though!
    I am needing my own motivation to reengage in the land of blogging. I will try to use CARROT in that way. At present, my Gravity Challenge work is embarrassingly weak.
    And also, yay altoids, car, business, Doug!


  8. I don’t know if it would be any cheaper, but using peppermint essential oil would do the same thing, I imagine, without sugary residue. I used it as ant repellent and it worked.
    I may have found a pair of athletic shoes that I can wear with my torn achilles tendon. I realllly need to get back to the gym.
    My picture should be on that vision board!


    1. now, should your pic be on the vision board because you need to be one of my goals or because it also fits your situation???? I did use the oil but it didnt work as well… the little beasts used it for their nest!


  9. Hey there you! Hope you’re still on the mend and things are going better for you this weekend. Love that Doug, and really hope the mice leave you the heck alone!

    Keep going with carrot. It’s tough to build consistent community at first, but you CAN do it 😀


      1. People. People are your accountability. If you need someone on your ass with a goad, then it needs to be a person who’ll (for want of a better turn of phrase) take you on.


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