“What am I going to write for this weeks Six Sentence Story?” My computer interrupted my musings to warn me that I should invest time in finding a power source I could plug into, because my battery was now at 15%. My telephone was already charging in a nearby outlet as I had given up the land line years ago, and am religious about charging the phone every evening. I never again want to be stranded without a phone in an emergency, (story for another time.) I had noticed the Fitbit I received for Christmas had been intermittently vibrating to let me know it too needed some life juice if I expected it to keep me accountable to my every move and calorie burnt or ingested. I was going to try to think up a topic for my weekly entry, but my pump started beeping and I have to go find a nurse to plug me back in.83382271-7f70-4e68-a7bb-36b3c0182141


18 thoughts on “CHARGE IT!

  1. Getting a big charge out of your story. Where the heck would we be without our electronics and other devices, personal and medical? Here’s hoping for surges when you need them.


  2. How inconvenient it is that with all these electronic gadgets we are no longer in control of our lives
    but have devices to check where we are, tell us what to do, and steal money from our pockets. Some blithely think that all this is mankind advancing rapidly with so many aids where in fact they are our prison guards.


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