In looking at my blog, I realize I haven’t done much here since changing the format sometime last year. It’s pretty much TToT and Six Sentence Stories. I really need to get back to writing. I also need to get back to the other blogs to which I supposedly contribute. Ironically, this week is a combo of Finish the Sentence Friday (FTSF)and the TToT… so I suppose it’s an opportunity to write a bit more. Yup… sure is … but, probably not gonna take advantage of that… but, in the spirit of FTSF I will say…


  • Fond-bittersweet memories of Losar, which starts this week. 
  • Art
  • Have I mentioned Douglas? 8fb7b225-cabd-430f-8166-ac0eb666b056
  • blue cheese
  • other arbitrary b.s. like the color apple green, PicsArta179ad53-2019-49eb-a0c7-c983ae5887da , kindle and phone games



  • The private practice is slowly growing with insurance contracts and clients
  • I must say I am sooo grateful for my business person who is soooo fabulous
  • It’s time for a new contest… soon.
  • 75276573-551f-498d-a350-0b568dc9bd88You may not know this but, I have a dog. He’s pretty awesome.
  • I found a new blog this week called The Past Remembered Anew:Growing up in the fifties… Two people, two worlds, two impressions (This is my favorite post so far). My friend Vic turned me on to it… It belongs to her sister and brother in law who have been married for quite some time. It is a lovely site …anyhow…go check it out. They are new to this blogging thing and could use a few more supporters.


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21 thoughts on “FINISH THE …TToT

  1. Thanks for the link about Losar. I celebrated Chinese New Year each year with my preschool class and was quite interested in the traditions of Losar. It’s cool to be thankful for apple green and blue cheese. As a matter of fact, I think crumbled blue cheese on top of a granny smith would taste delicious. Off to check out the new blog link – sounds great.


  2. Yay for blue cheese, green apple, and your Doug.
    Glad the practise is growing and the blog you recommend sounds intriguing. Off to see for myself. Have a great weekend.


  3. Blue cheese fell out of fashion with me for about fifteen years. I have no idea why. i guess I just gave it up because no one else in my family ate it. But it is back, baby!


  4. All I seem to write is TToT these days, if that. I had high hopes of a 40 post, but it did not happen. Not too late, I guess. I am still 40.


  5. yeah, thanks for the identification op…. I’ve looked up and realized how limited in scope my online activity has become…. I suspect some sort of natural force, but haven’t found the time to properly research it. Is ‘time lost’ always the same time that we reference, when we mention that we’ve ‘haven’t found the time (to do something or other)?

    glad you have the Six Sentence Story, weekly rhetorical torture exercise, though


  6. Ohmigosh I used to ADORE blue cheese. Stilton, roquefort, At Agur…and a delightful orange number called Blacksticks Blue…YUM!

    I’m glad to hear about the new contest and your new connections. I seem to have so little time this week (understandably, I guess) but I hope to be able to check them out.

    ((petty bullshit like apple-green is IMPORTANT! Mine is the madonna-blue you get in the middle of summer when you look up at a perfect sky)


  7. Blue cheese and apples? Especially green ones? Delicious. Apples and cheese just go together.
    I have spent a looooong period of nothing but TToTs. Then I added the Six Sentences, which I have to say my just have jumpstarted my writing. Who knew that would work??? I don’t do fiction! (At least I always said that…) Lately it’s been SSS, TToT, and most of the FTSFs.
    Wow. Alphabet soup.
    I’m hoping now that I’ve established that with some regularity, I can add at least one other day of the week that I write something. I’ve all but abandoned my soup posts because I think people think they’re lame. Oh, and I”m trying to re-design the blog look. Finally.
    I am so glad your practice is doing well – whoopdedoopdedoo! 😀
    New contest…looking forward to that.
    New blog…will definitely check out.


  8. I love that photo and comment with the chicken and the egg. It made me laugh. I’ve bookmarked the link to the new blog you shared. The new blog link you shared sounds right up my alley. I’ve bookmarked it so I can read more.


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