11 thoughts on “TToT and the CUE OF THE WEEK

  1. love this post, it’s like a scrapbook of photos, you could even call it a vision board. Tashi Delek, to you, too. The Dalai Lama’s quote about compassion and love is beautiful.


  2. Wait. YOU HAVE A DOG!!?!?!?!!??!
    Do the chickens like the sweaters? Are they hard to put on? Glad they don’t need them this year and that you got to walk out to see them. A new contest!?!?! Whoot.


  3. Tashi delek ❤ So glad you have amazing friends and people (and accountants) to help you when you fall, and that you've fallen less. I think your gravity challenge may not be lessening your impact within it, but somehow reducing its down-pull on YOU!

    Love you, Bard xo


  4. Loving this format for TT0T! There seems to be a theme here, and something about a dog! 🙂 When you can post reasons to smile, we smile, contagion is a wonderful thing at times! Sometimes pictures can say all that needs to be said when words can’t, sometimes they say it all. You amaze me with your determination to show up each week. Keep it going, my friend. You are blessing!


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