Broken connections-

Behind the facade, tortured knots and loose threads-

Tapestries woven from birth to death-

Slivered light diffuses the overlapping impressions-

Frayed patterns emerge from life’s perpetual loom-

Invariably weaving morning into night and beyond-

unnamed (11)

18 thoughts on “Frayed

  1. Well, if it is that time, I’ll add my six, through the following story.

    Once there was a string who walked into a bar.
    The bartender threw him out, saying, “We don’t serve strings here.”
    The string considered his situation, turned and twisted himself around, and went back in; he received the same treatment.
    Yet again, outside, the string looped and swirled himself around, and headed back into the bar once more.
    “Hey,” said the bartender, “aren’t you the string I’ve been throwing out of here all night?”
    “No,” said the string, “I’m a frayed knot.”

    Blessings and Bear hugs, everyone.

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  2. damn! good six sentence story is one thing, good six sentence story as poetry….not fair
    lol not competitive! but serially, the writing in rhythm and images is still a distant goal skill for me

    nice to see how it’s done!


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