TToT by the Numbers

This has been a week of hypograts… ask Clark if you need an explanation of the nomenclature.

  1. Ma had a car accident… My niece is the best…
  2. After six weeks, I still have shingles but it’s clearing up… yeah, that’s it…
  3. 16 year old Doug, always Doug
  4. I got locked out of the portal at my group job, but IT  resolved it
  5. IT only thought they resolved it. I’m locked out this morning.
  6. No portal, No paperwork
  7. No paperwork, No pay, but once I get in to work, I can send a note to IT
  8. It’s freezing rain outside, but not really cold so it should be brief
  9. My BIL is hanging in… lung CA sucks. My sister is a trooper
  10. Have I mentioned Doug?

6c80f565-6420-4b7b-aa30-3154fb4688e6.jpgThere is a new contest up… this is a link and there’s one on the header bar, (if I get to putting it up before work.)


Have a good week.Doug would want it that way…me too.




36 thoughts on “TToT by the Numbers

  1. I am sorry you had such a sucky week, kudos to you for finding the rainbows to attach to those dark clouds with your hypograts. I hope by now the IT guys have your portal fixed… as in won’t lock you out again anytime soon, I know how frustrating that can be! Although you have a lot of stuff to deal with coming at you from all directions right now, I am praying that God sends the sunbeam shining through the clouds in full force for you next week. And there is always Doug, who surely shines as the brightest star in your life! XOXO


  2. Ergh, why IT can’t ever seem to fix things for good is beyond me. And beyond irritating. I hope they sort out the mess SOON so you can get the reports done.

    You didn’t even have to resort to 1.3! Great going.

    Ahhh, that Doug 🙂


  3. How’s mom?
    If you get shingles once, then is it like chicken pox and you’ll never get them again?
    No paperwork is awesome, even if it’s only temporary.
    Who’s Doug?


    1. Unless she mailed me some roof types nope… I got em all by myself… No I have a DOUG… not a DOG…. what is this DOG of which you speak? oh purveyor of the guinea piggies aka weenie butt.


  4. I’m so sorry you had a bad week. That is truly a sucky round of crap. But Doug OMG!
    I see from the comments that some things and people, at least, are on the mend. Being outside of the portal is never a good thing, in any contextual use of portal. All I can tell you is if my Hub was your IT dude, you’d be doing the happy dance because he fixes shit and it stays fixed and he’s awesome. And he delivers service with a smile – the women love him. *eye roll*


  5. Six weeks of shingles, and third time around, sounds miserable. I only had them once, and it was such slight case, I thought some kind of bug had bitten me in a area about the size of a silver dollar. My doctor told me to go ahead and get the vaccine after that, because she said I could get shingles again, and next time it might be worse.
    Glad your Mom is not seriously hurt from the accident.
    Being locked out of anything is frustrating, but to have it be reoccurring is the pits.


  6. You are not alone on the shingles front. I follow writer Anne Rice on Facebook and she has been down with a nasty case of the thing, on her face, for weeks now. It can take a while to get over. Glad you have Doug to make it more bearable.


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