I haven’t been feeling the thankfuls much lately. My bad. Today is not a big exception, but I do want to remind you of a few housekeeping things… and I’m grateful for this forum and for people’s participation in those things to date. I’m also grateful for everyone who’s been checking in. I’m okay. Just been sick (finally got a diagnosis this week…woohoo…another diagnosis), and a bit burnt out. Stupid circumstances have also been abounding, but they seem to be slowing down. So on with the updates and TToT… all that together (hypograts and all) should somehow add up to ten, but if not, while I’m still out of sorts, I will let the Blues Brothers take on the dance required to enchant the seven virgins that guard the SBOR/BOSR in order that I might use rule 54.329 subsection x that cleary states “so what.”

602f2164-6d6f-4708-b7b5-36d1c4948cd5Monday is the leapiest day of the year, perhaps the last four years even… February 29th is a wonky little day that will be kicking off Heart and Mind Monday on Carrot. It’s an opportunity to express yourself creatively any way you choose. If you’re a blogger there will be a hop set up…Just link your post to the blog and if you’re one of the followers without a blog just drop me an email with what you would like posted and I will put together a non-blogger page for the event. Go on over to Carrot and see what it’s about… the more the merrier.

There are two more weeks to the contest… get your entries in…

Don’t forget that  the Six Sentence Stories link is open until Tuesday…this week’s cue is CLEAVE.

And in keeping with tradition, Doug, always Doug.cropped-unnamed-311.jpg

I will be back later with a good and proper listing sans sbor/bosr… well, maybe.

Ten Things of Thankful
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24 thoughts on “TToT

  1. Some days the gratefuls and thankfuls are just harder to feel. But I’m glad you’re on this here blog hop and glad you got a diagnosis. Hopefully it’s the very one that moves you forward. 🙂
    I love photos of Doug. He’s a cutie! Here’s to hoping you have a nice, relaxing weekend. Take care!


    1. you too cyndi… I am still wanting to link your color site to carrot…just havent gotten to it yet… I did hook my mom up with it… she has taken to coloring for her tremor and finds some of the new books a bit too busy for her… She loves your site cuz we can blow the pics up and she can do them without so much worry about her tremor getting in the way. Thanks!


  2. Oh boy. Another diagnosis. ‘Cause you didn’t have quite enough for one person.
    And I hate stupid circumstances, too.
    Love Doug, though!
    Good luck with the launch of the new hop!


  3. You have so many good things going on in this World Between the Wires, and I’m so glad you have people around you, supporting you through. But DAMN, to another diagnosis. Have you broken records yet?

    I hope you’re soon recovered and back to ‘feeling it’ again. Liked the song, and HOORAY for the contest, and SSS, and the intriguing new art hop 🙂


  4. I hope today’s new blogging hop is a big success for you. Celebrating creativity is about the best thing I can think of. I wish I could still contribute something visually artistic, like I used to love to do. Been thinking how I could participate, but it would likely have to be some sort of writing. I know you include that as an option, and I am working on writing song lyrics, which is relatively new for me.
    Also, if a lot of it is visual, from the other contributors, I may not get much out of it, being unable to see some of the beautiful and creative posts, but I will check it out anyway because I love art, in all forms.


  5. Shake a Tail Feather – cool. Love it. I’ve been feeling pissy lately and that made me want to get up and dance. In fact, I think I will.
    Even if I don’t get messages through to you, you are on my mind and heart often. ❤
    Also, I totally just did get up and shake my tail feather just now. I did. Felt good. Definitely did.


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