Donning Like Squidward


I would love to think my brain was swelling because of my brilliance. I’m even willing to have my ego cause a “big head,” but meningitis not so much. Before you panic it’s just a viral one…nothing bacterial (which is the dangerous kind) but I have a headache that just won’t quit. I am thankful, however stupid as it may sound, that I seem to be more tolerant of life’s ridiculousness when I am not well. Maybe that’s why I have a pretty severe chronic illness… cuz God has a warped sense of humor? Maybe… Maybe not.

I’m also grateful for signs that I am starting to feel better. I am getting frustrated with staying in… I’m bored. Sleep is annoying to me and I am so sick of sitting, lying down, then sitting some more. I know it sounds like a complaint and that’s because it is… but if one can kvetch for the right reasons then I guess this may be it. Also in a bizarre twist of thanks, this is a progression of the six-week case of shingles… well, ironically, turns out they will finally go away if they get bad enough.

Tomorrow believe it or not, my oldest friend and I will finally be celebrating Christmas together… so Merry Christmas. Best-christmas-cake-ideas-1 source . I had a cake made similar to this one… yeah I am feeling better, but incredibly lazy, and not getting up to take a photo when there’s one available on Google… pathetic I know… I’m okay with that…

602f2164-6d6f-4708-b7b5-36d1c4948cd5Monday is the first HEART AND MIND MONDAY @ Carrot  Consider participating… It’s easy…Just post a photo of something creative that you like to participate in ,or have made, or maybe your kid made, or your mother made, or … Whatever…Like to play the drums? Okay… Like to analyze people using your own quirky personality theory? Okay…Like to write poetry or murder mysteries? Okay… Get the idea? ANYTHING …. Just come join in!

I was talking with Josie who is the original brain behind Six Sentence Stories and we are both so grateful that it seems to be catching on… I love that people like to participate in this one … I think it’s not only a fun challenge but I love to read them!… I’m behind so far this week on all reading… I would love to say it’s the headache, but it may be the lazy lack of motivation thing… thus the reasons behind Heart and Mind Monday… Man, do I need motivation.

So the cue this week for Six Sentence Stories (look away, Clark!) is POST

a60f91fe-ed50-457d-a9a0-24fcc72dfb2dI’m toying with the idea of the A to Z Challenge … Haven’t decided yet. It’s a lot of work and I won’t be keeping with my usual theme if I do decide to participate. I usually do “Learn something new every day.” I am thinking it takes a lot of effort so, I should make it something I can use.  I am in the process of putting together an art therapy group… I may do something with that in terms of creating projects for curriculum… dunno.IMG_20160228_081204

In the mean time I am grateful for a good friend.  I live with this little creature. He is as bald as Yoda and almost as elderly. He too is wise and as loyal as a Jedi master. download

well, ten or not I’m all in… have a great week… Consider coming to Carrot on Monday…


17 thoughts on “Donning Like Squidward

  1. WOW, you’re amazing, Ivy–complain all you want, you’ve got plenty of legitimate reason; and then when you’re done, PLEASE JUST GET WELL!!! Thanks for all the great ideas you offer up–and the new CUE! Love to you and The Great Doug. xxoo, Azul


      1. I figured as much–and if I didn’t mention this before, I’m really not a pet person…so for me to like Doug is a major deal (he’s only the 2nd blog dog I’ve fallen for since Summer 2011)! 🙂 PS–I feel another possible Stephen King-ish story coming on for 6-Sentence’s cue “Post”…. You’re like a therapist, somehow digging up my deep crazy-mad stuff so that maybe I won’t have to keep spreading lime to cover the stench:)

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Ohhhhh OKAY! Well good, if I can do a murder mystery chapter then BOOM! Done. And looking forward to the chapter which I’ll write for your prompt. That’s a relief, because I HAVE got a plan for something rather special (or catastrophically dumb) but I feel like while I’m recovering from tonsillitis might not be the *best* ever time to make it happen.

    So sad you’re still poorly. I do hope all this ill health rounds itself up and buggers off. SOON!

    And Merry Christmas. Hope you have a wonderful day 🙂


      1. Sadly not. The NHS dictates you need to get tonsillitis about 10,000 times a year before they’ll consider removing them for an adult. BUT on Wednesday I have an appointment with my dentist to review the x-rays he took BEFORE I CAME TO MURICA, and to decide whether he’s going to refer me for surgery to have my wisdom teeth out, which I most sincerely hope he does.

        THEN ice-cream. Vegan ice-cream. If I can find it here in this country of not-catering-to-stuff…DAMN YOU Ben & Jerry’s for not bringing the vegan ones over yet!


  3. How do I not have a comment here? Did I read this from my phone? I have no clue. But I love you and you’re a weeniebutt and meningitis is an asshole. Even the “good” kind. Also Lizzi chooses stupid vegan so whatever no sympathy. I saw Sarah today and we talked about Carrot but it sounds like you want people to make stuff so. um. yeah.


  4. While it takes an immense amount of time, I would love for you to do SOMETHING for A to Z Challenge. I am trying to get my ducks in a row and have a lot of my posts done early. Yeah, right.
    I’ll be checking Carrot tomorrow.
    Get. Better.
    Is that a dog?


  5. They say things often get worse before they get better. Who is they, I’d like to know.
    Glad you don’t have the bad and dangerous form of meningitis though. Definitely something to be grateful for, but I know how bothersome a headache that just won’t quit can be. Gets in the way of doing everything. Hard to just ignore. Hope it lessens for you.


  6. My Mom and one of her dearest friends just had dinner together this weekend to exchange Christmas gifts. You are not alone there.
    Meningitis! Yikes! This you did not tell me. Glad it’s not the worse kind, though. I truly hate what having an compromised immune system does to a body. So sorry you’ve been having such a tough time. I hope you know I think of you all the time. Even if my stupid messges don’t get through. OH hey…wait…maybe you BLOCKED ME!?? 😀
    Headaches that won’t stop are one of my biggest pet peeves. Right up there with shitty clients. 😀
    No A to Z for me. I have thought about it a couple of times but I think the truth is that it will irk my oppositional defiant streak too much and I’ll hate it and quit. I rarely get more up on my blog than a TToT and a SSS each week. Every day? Yeah, no. I’ll happily cheer on the rest of you and read your stuff.


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