Heart and Mind Monday at Carrot

602f2164-6d6f-4708-b7b5-36d1c4948cd5 click here and get over there …it doesnt have to be visual art… it can be any way you express yourself creatively… perhaps you know how to clean the house and dance at the same time… maybe you make videos of you parrot…maybe you write poems…maybe your kid does a mean squidward imitation or writes a mean illustrated alphabet… put it up… its all about the process and what you enjoy…. get on over to carrot and link up or at least go see what others are doing.Maybe yoy’ll find something that sings to you!



4 thoughts on “Heart and Mind Monday at Carrot

  1. Now there’s an idea: “cleaning house and dancing at the same time”–you may have solved my motivation issue! I could start viewing the dust as fallen star-glitter…ah yes, I’m beginning to get into it…. 🙂


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