TToT The -Quit- ‘Chur -Stinkin’-Whinin’Edition!


I have much to be thankful for …

  1. Doug is well again… really well…. still doin’ his Batman leaving through the bookcase thing, but back to his old self after a bout of not being his old self. WOOHOO!
    *If you run your cursor over the pics a short description of each pops up. Kinda cool WordPress feature!

2. Yesterday was my first day without a headache… no more meningitis… and apparently no one bugged me bad enough to get a headache… I don’t care I’m counting that as two things.

3. See number 2.

Photo of a carrot on a string… the logo for Carrot the blog


logo badge of a multi-colored brain

The first Heart and Mind Monday went off without a hitch at Carrot. Thanks to all who participated and those who just came for a visit… It’s obviously still there if you want to see/read some great creative stuff…(the link is open until tomorrow) I put in some extra description under the captions so they may now actually give you a bit more info regardless of vision. We are gonna do this on the last Monday of each month so as not to overload anyone (and give anyone who wants to participate time between hops).

5. My Mom turned late 80’s yesterday. I am grateful she is still around. As much as I tease her, she is going to be missed the day God decides He can handle her. I suspect that might not be for some time as God aint no fool.

unnamed (8)
Selfie photo of my brother and his wife and two girls aged 17 and 13

6. I don’t get to see my brother John and his family a whole lot and they are coming for the birthday party today.

7. So is my neph and his new bride … remember, I managed to miss the wedding due to a good case of shingles?

8. OH YEAH! Apparently if your shingles get bad enough they can make you susceptible to viral meningitis … but they may also go away when the brain swelling dies down… YEEHAA… first week no shingles in about six weeks.

9. So if there is something I am usually confident about it’s my ability to make a cake… I have made weird ones, fancy-dancy ones…

photo of a cake with blue frosting and a large sun with a face made of yellow and brown chocolate

all kinds… BUT y’know when I have to do a simple no frills one for my Mom’s birthday… it flops… The chickens are gonna be grateful this morning for a carrot cake that didn’t rise and I am grateful for grocery stores that carry cheesecake another of Mom’s favs.

10. So I am grateful that I have the coming week off for medical stuff… just the usuals 4f7d26fd-2749-4974-a4ba-d093a64b6eff of transfusions but it wasn’t worth rearranging my weekly schedule as much as I would have to in order to get it all done… and also if you’re gonna take the week off it might as well be the week you broke your kneecap and had to go get fitted for a brace so you can ditch the crutches. All kinds of sneaky hypograts in that one… passive-aggressive? WHO ME?

11. BONUS! I am grateful for that little arrow on the top of the screen that is curving to the left so that when you accidentally hit the “Ctrl” button instead of the “shift” button and lose your whole post… you don’t have to panic!


download (6)
tree in a field on a cloudy day…sss logo at bottom


  • six sentences using the cue in some way.
  • any genre
  • no more no less on the six sentences
  • link up on Thursdays right here!


ok I’m off to buy cheesecake! Have a great day!


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25 thoughts on “TToT The -Quit- ‘Chur -Stinkin’-Whinin’Edition!

  1. I’m glad you and Doug are both doing better. Out of all the cakes you’ve made that I’ve gotten to try, my favorites are your cake pops. I love your cake pops.


  2. thank you, I averted my gaze and then, speed-scrolled down here. Now I don’t have live the tortures of the damned …until Wednesday afternoon.
    my god! for curved arrow re-set life-events-icon ( “What did you just say?” “I know it was you…” “I haven’t changed my….”)


  3. A broken kneecap? Well, Doug is looking quite well. I visited Cobee last night. Such joy those poodles bring. That cake looked pretty amazing to me, but cheesecake is always good. Have fun at the party and enjoy seeing the family. Happy Birthday to our Mom. I’m stealing that line about God being ready to handle the octogenarians.


  4. Mmmmm, cheesecake.
    Happy Birthday to your mother and glad your headache is gone and hopefully the worst of all of that stuff is behind you?
    I haven’t checked out your other blog, but I will definitely do that today. Didn’t get the song lyrics I want to try writing finished in time to submit them as an entry, but I appreciate if there are captions, for the more visual ones, and love the title and probably the logo looks cool too.
    What a name for a blog. I am curious how you decided to cal it that?
    I always move my curser across each picture anyway. 🙂


    1. Carrot is about motivation and this is the tagline. That’s where the title came from
      The day is coming when
      a single carrot
      freshly observed
      will set off a revolution.
      — Paul Cezanne

      I’m going to try and remember to put the descriptions under the photos I often think I need to do that when I read Christi posts and then I forget

      Liked by 1 person

  5. This was a great post, Ivy! When anyone can have a week such as you’ve had and still find legit reasons to be thankful, I am in awe. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for continuing to show us the way to deal with life’s journey. I hope that, despite the “fun” of transfusions you can relax and enjoy some days away from the job. I know your best boy Skip will love having you home! I hope Mom loved her cheesecake, I know those chickens were very thankful for the wonderful breakfast! 😉


  6. Are you telling us you have had your normal health problems, shingles, meningitis, AND a broken knee cap recently? How did you break your knee cap?!? I’m thinking you and Doug are perfect for each other. The number of health issues the two of you have… I’m glad you are both doing a bit better.
    Happy birthday to your mom! Enjoy the day visiting your family. And eating cheesecake. I do enjoy cheesecake.


  7. For the luck you have, you have good luck. Thank goodness for Doug, for store-bought cheesecake, and the means to be grateful for all of the things in a reverse-psycholleged kind of way 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I suck at baking. I blame my mother for it not being fun because she made it not fun. Or something. Girl, your poor body. I’m glad you’re on the mend with no headache for a whole day. I need to check out the carrot blog again – I suck at making stuff these days but maybe I’ll get all inspired 😀

    PS who is that dog? You have a DOG???


    1. Dyanne and clark and Azul all linked up written pieces…some linked their kids art…anything…

      Dog?you mean D-o-u-g? People are always mispelling that. He’s my accountant.


  9. Oh gosh, that broken kneecap thing sounds hideously painful! Glad you’re healing up from the shingles and headaches, though–and that the Great Doug is doing well. Interesting cue this week–will have to actually THINK for a change 🙂 Speaking of, did you get my link for the last 6-Sentence Story? You’re probably juggling too many health issues–and well, just LIFE 🙂 Sending up prayers as always, and wishing you LOVE. Azul


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