International Women’s Day and An Unsticking Update

For years I had this poster hanging in my  utility room. It being International Women’s Day I figured it was time to revisit it. Also, many people have asked for an update so, it’s time to revisit the Great Unsticking. If you tumblr_m0l3mgwBmy1r86nccrecall that was the project in which I regrouped on some areas of my life that I felt were lacking. I managed to meet most of my goals, but there are still a few that need serious work. I am also coming to realize (believe me I’ve known this one for many years) that I have been avoiding the obvious, in that as someone with a chronic illness that causes acute situations ( meningitis, broken limbs, falls, acute hospitalizations, blood levels tanking…) I need to be more diligent about my health. Not that I am not diligent because I am NOT in denial when I say I am ever cognizant of my health and proactive about it in most ways. I’ve just come to realize that if possible, I need to be even more so. Even if the weather didn’t prove it, it’s been a difficult winter. What I have mentioned was just the half of it. I’m not complaining. I’m regrouping. For those who have been with me on the Great Unsticking, it’s time for a progress report and revamp. So here we go.

From the time of the original goal much has changed and I will spare you that. Since the last update back in November, this is what’s up.

  • The goals that were met remain so. They are being maintained which is pretty cool considering that is where I usually fall short.
  • The car made it through the winter with a few additional repairs and it is (knock on wood) running like it was before the big accident.unnamed (13) It now has almost 208,000 miles on it and who knows where it will lead? I am gonna drive it into the ground until I can afford a new one. Hopefully it’s willing.
  • The money stuff ( does anyone not have this goal?) is going okay. I am managing despite acute situations like car accidents, health deductibles and co-pays. I hope to improve on this one as the …
  • Private practice grows. And it does. But slowly…. s…l….o…w…l….y.  Not to mention the molasses-on-a-cold-day-in-the-arctic speed that the insurance companies take to pay up. I am enjoying it and it’s going well. unnamed (1)
  • Also of importance in terms of maintenance and money drain, is my buddy Doug. He is doing well after some seizure issues and skin stuff. It was a happy windfall for the Vet. Whom I must say is the Best Vet In The WORLD! She checks in periodically e209d342-37d3-4e63-bcea-b5493721eaacand also makes every effort to keep it under a million dollars whenever we go see her. She is also researching constantly for supplements vs meds as Doug is already on too many meds due to stomach and dementia issues.
  • I am trying to pay more attention to my spiritual life. I am not sure about this one on so many levels. It remains incredibly private to me so I will just say that I went through a pretty rough patch with the loss of my health and partner and am recouping slowly. I am most appreciative of the help from friends who assure me it will happen… I can only believe they know what they’re talking about. I did have a dream last night about serenity and the fact that I don’t seem to be paying enough attention to finding it for myself. SO that is where this update came from today. I am starting on both the spiritual front which I shall keep to myself and the physical front.
  • As I said, health has been tough this winter. Due to removal of a few vital organs, I haven’t absorbed much in the way of nutrition in years, so I often need to revamp my diet based on this problem. It is time to meet with the nutritionist who specializes in my particular issue (she’s great). I also got this fabuloso bike, and have been prohibited from using it except in its most minimal form. I am using it for range of motion maintenance of my hip and now my knee, which I managed to break and demolish the cartilage in, last week. I find it tedious and non-motivating. I also find that as soon as practitioners find out you are a PT, they are reluctant to keep you on the schedule, thinking that just because you know what to do that you will actually do it. Really? Do you know anyone that self-motivated… that without at least minimal accountability they are gonna do what they need to do every day despite the amount of pain it puts them through? Ridiculous.
  • unnamed-26My plan is to put together an exercise chart for daily check-ins with myself.  I will also put together something after meeting with Nancy (the nutrion guru). I find this limited level of activity intensely boring, and know I need at least accountability to myself. I haven’t been able to box in some time which is disappointing. Prior to this my heavy bag was the only piece of exercise equipment I ever owned that hasn’t become a coat rack.
  •  I have come to realize I never made the transition from an active physical life to the current state I am in now due to chronic health/CA issues. Because of that, I haven’t associated fun with anything but  outdoor physical activities… I  manage to do a ton of things… maybe too many per some people’s opinions,  but I can’t say I think of any of them as “my passion” per se. In an effort to find what I can think of as fun or at least interesting again, but within the limitations of my current physical capabilities, I have turned to art. I would like to turn to writing, but still find myself reluctant on that front. I dropped the ball again on the book and haven’t been pursuing it as I was hoping to the last time I revamped goals… I dunno on that one. In the mean time… thanks for asking for updates… tumblr_m0l3mgwBmy1r86ncc



15 thoughts on “International Women’s Day and An Unsticking Update

  1. Thank you very much for the update. Congrats on the maintaining! That is not easy to do. So often, we unstick, then when tired or stressed go right back into the mess we came out of. Go you! Keep it up!
    As for the rest, physically and spiritually, you’re always in my prayers. 🙂


  2. This was a great and very honest update! I need to do one too. I can’t imagine how difficult it is to transition thru such big issues in your life – the loss of your partner, the ongoing medical problems, and the limitations on being physically active. I respect how you keep chipping away at it and I know you will find a way to come to terms with all of it. Religion, faith, spirituality is very personal. We might share the surface level of what we believe and why, but the deeper meaning is something that is between us and our Creator. It is always my prayer that in faith you will find peace, as I have come to do in recent years. I would surely have gone mad by now without it. Skip and his love and loyalty are worth every penny and it is your love that’s kept him going this long. A perfect match for sure! You inspire me, you help me maintain perspective. You encourage me, and you make me laugh. I am grateful. ❤


  3. I love reading your updates, and they inspire me to work a little harder and be a little better. Your attitude is great! You do not come across as someone who is complaining nor on your last leg, by the way. As I was reading your last few posts, though, I must admit that Job came to mind. Job experienced great trials, and even though he didn’t understand why, he bore them patiently. Your attitude comes across as one of great patience as well. I think that patience stems from an underlying faith–a belief and trust that God must be aware of the circumstances, and that eventually even the hardest of things will somehow be made right. Your friends are correct–it will happen. I suspect you might actually have more faith than you feel you do–at least that is what I sense from your posts.

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  4. I got behind with my blog reading. How in the hell did you manage to break your knee? Did you fall? We need to stop falling, both of us.


  5. I’ve been shying away from posting my update. But what I’m learning from myself, (maybe it will help you, too) is focusing on what I CAN do, not what I CAN’T. Forgiving myself and appreciating myself have to come next, right?


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