TToT: The Brief



Ten Things of Thankful
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18 thoughts on “TToT: The Brief

  1. Share the marshmallow recipe, I’ve never made them before. Doug looks spectacular in spectacles. Here’s hoping you can enjoy spring without being hooked up to anything medical.


  2. No infusions until May, being able to walk–good news! Doug is dapper as always, and that visiting pup is cute–and tiny, I imagine! I’ve never made marshmallows, either. Enjoy the time with your g-niece. I’m still mulling over the A to Z challenge. T is for theme, which I don’t have, and I is for ideas, which I am seeking. 🙂


  3. Ah, sounds like an excellent idea, the perfect place for your A to Z this year.
    Glad that one particular medical treatment is giving you a break for a while.
    I definitely don’t miss my old dialysis days.
    My dog could use a hair cut, now that you mention. He’s looking rather shaddy.
    I call him a little dust mop.
    Enjoy your weekend.


  4. Brief works! Yay for infusions done until May! And Doug looks dapper with his new ‘do and glasses! I love the little birdie on the shopping cart – those are my favorite photo moments.
    I love the A to Z on Carrot – I’ll be cheering you on.


  5. You make the photo post look easy! And no needles til May. You must be ecstatic!
    Aw, little bitty baby dog. How very darned cute 🙂
    And so, do the chickens still love you? LOL
    Enjoy your visit tomorrow Ivy. Glad Doug was able to get a haircut and new glasses in time for company 😀
    That IS a very cool stamp!

    Hey! Kristi! Congratulations!!!


  6. Gonna have to stop by carrot and find out more details on just what the A to Z which I keep coming across is all about.
    Less needles has got to mean more happy! Yeah!


  7. No infusions ’til May – wahoooo! Love Doug’s hair cut. And the glasses, which I am guessing you share. My brother made marshmallows before and they were pretty darn good. I may have to give them a try. Love the pic you sent of Daisy, the big brute!


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